#TomboyChronicles : Restore Your Sanity!

Any channel.. Any E-platform.. Any newspaper you pick, the only words standing out loud are Corona, deaths, lack of medical solutions..! Times like these, even the sanest person shall fall prey to anxiety or stress or downright depression, irrespective of which age group or class he falls in. However, there is a way of steering… Continue reading #TomboyChronicles : Restore Your Sanity!

#TomboyChronicles : Why opt for Beauty Specialization @Orane? #ThinkOutLoud

The Health and Beauty Industry has seen major thrust in demand with dearth of professionally qualified talent. In recent times, the world has seen a cultural shift where in the men have also started investing in the lifestyle and beauty upkeeping. The current Net Worth of the Global Beauty sector is $532 Billions, with forecasted… Continue reading #TomboyChronicles : Why opt for Beauty Specialization @Orane? #ThinkOutLoud

#TomboyChronicles : VALUES we VALUE!

Drawing parallels between the Mighty Army and the top-notch B&W Player Orane. Army has strong protocols, clearly defined hierarchy so much so that if Commander says, “Attack.”, Lieutenants don’t think but just do! Army also boasts of hitting the targets & always being well-informed (of both friends & foes)! They are the saviors of the… Continue reading #TomboyChronicles : VALUES we VALUE!

#TomboyChronicles : Magic Masks to Age Backwards!

Don’t let your age define your skin texture. While the planet Earth is “rebooting”, reboot your skin at home with these easy at-home masks. #1 – Turmeric + Curd How to apply – Take a teaspoon full of curd and add a pinch of turmeric, mix it and put the paste on your face. After… Continue reading #TomboyChronicles : Magic Masks to Age Backwards!

5 Tips to Avoid Cakey Makeup

Cakey makeup is a common concern when it comes to makeup. Cakey. The stiff plaster like feeling you get when you apply too much of makeup. That really sucks. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid the cakey makeup look. When your face looks exhausted, makeup will always save the day. No doubt, makeup is essential for every woman’s cool looks.… Continue reading 5 Tips to Avoid Cakey Makeup

Qualification Required to be a Beautician

Standing in a hip salon, helping people look beautiful, earning enough for a comfy life… In case you’ve ever imagined yourself in that realm, you must explore this profession. Becoming a Qualified Beautician. And to do that, you will require a proper training and a nurtured talent to work as a beautician, rather a cosmetologist… Continue reading Qualification Required to be a Beautician

What you Require to be a Pro Bridal Makeup Artist

Weddings are a steady and great income source for makeup artists. Brides and close family members of brides and grooms really makes a great clientele. A professional makeup artist cannot just survive on this income alone, but also make a good fortune out of it. To do that, however, the makeup artist has to be enterprising,… Continue reading What you Require to be a Pro Bridal Makeup Artist

How to Groom Eyebrows

Brows speak louder than words. If life can’t be perfect, at least let the brows be. She has fire in her soul and a killer pair of brows. These are few very famous statements about eyebrows. It is the eyebrow shape that carries the highest value of our face. So, you can understand how important it… Continue reading How to Groom Eyebrows

Why You Should Make Your Career in Beauty, Skincare, and Hairdressing

Beauty, Skincare, and hairdressing are three main divisions of beauty and wellness industry. People are very conscious about their looks, nowadays. This is one of the main reason these businesses are continuously growing and expanding. Another reason could be constantly changing beauty trends. Also, emerging of new customer base every day is making this industry… Continue reading Why You Should Make Your Career in Beauty, Skincare, and Hairdressing

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