Masters In Cosmetology

Course Duration:

2 years | 1278 hours

Minimum Qualification:

Graduation or above

Level Type:

OMQ34-Level 4

Course Content:

Beauty Therapy – Level I to Level III
Hair Designing – Level I to Level IV
Makeup – Level I to Level IV
Nail Art – Level I
Nail Extensions – Level III & IV
Mehndi Application
Body Therapy – Level III
Spa Therapy – Level III

Career Opportunities:

The Masters in Cosmetology is a comprehensive cosmetology course that nurtures you as a thorough cosmetologist who is a trained professional in the vibrant branches of the beauty and wellness domain.

There’s no dearth of high-paying jobs for cosmetologists in derma clinics, spa centres, nail studios, hair salons and beauty parlours

Candidates holding a Master’s in Cosmetology can establish themselves as independent makeup artists as well as beauty consultants

Best Suited For:

This is one of the finest cosmetology courses in India Budding beauticians who want to reinvent their career in the most rewarding beauty industry must enrol in the Masters in Cosmetology course.

Course Details:

  • There’s a lot that goes into the making of a cosmetologist
  • With Orane International Masters in Cosmetology course, you will be preparing yourself for a reputable, high-growth and highly rewarding career in the booming global beauty industry
  • A cosmetologist follows a holistic approach to attaining beauty in his/her clients.

Things You Will Learn!

  • During your two-year Masters in Cosmetology course, you will be trained on the physiology and histology of skin, skin analysis, face analysis, skin diseases and disorders, anatomy of hair and scalp, hair disorders, understanding face shapes, nail shapes, the human skeleton system, muscular system, lymphatic system, nutrition and so on
  • Under the beauty segment of this beauty course, you’ll master the art of basic and advanced facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, and various beauty treatments, including:
    • Facial Galvanic – Disincrustation
    • Facial Galvanic – Ionization
    • Vacuum Suction & Infra-red lamp
    • High frequency – Direct & Indirect
    • Facial faradic + Thermo herb
    • Ultrasonic
    • Glycolic Chemical Peels
    • Tri Chloro-Acetic Acid Chemical Peels
  • In the hair segment, the course will train you on thermal styling, hair colouring techniques, media hairstyles, hairdos, hair extensions, keratin & flex treatments, straight therapy/silk therapy – rebonding/smoothening (male), besides the quintessential Indian head massage and herbal treatments
  • You will also gain hands-on practise on cosmetic professional hair treatments for dandruff and hair loss, as well as how to give the best hair spa to your clients.
  • You will be taught salon management and client record maintenance and handling
  • You don’t need to go for a separate hair-cutting course, as you’ll master over 30 different on-trend as well as conventional haircuts, including:
    • Uniform Layers
    • Graduation
    • Basic Concave
    • Long Shake
    • Razor
    • Multi Layers
    • Triangular Graduation
    • Disconnected Layers
    • A-Line Bob (Female)
    • Round Textured Bob (Female)
    • Stepped Bob (Female)
    • Flat Graduation (Male)
    • Classic Stacker (Male)
    • Clipper Guard (Male)
    • Layers Square
    • Blended Elevation
    • High Graduation
    • Round / Diamond / Translucent Layering
    • Antea
    • Iren and many more
  • This course is a complete makeup course in itself, and in its makeup classes, you will learn advanced makeup techniques like face sculpting, creating a flawless base, and so on.
  • If you are Googling for searches like “pro-level makeup artist course near me” online, this course is perfect for you. By the time you complete the Masters in Cosmetology course, you will be a pro-makeup artist with expertise in the following makeup looks:
    • Glamour and Bollywood Makeup
    • Catwalk Makeup
    • Makeup for Black and White Photography
    • Retro Makeup
    • Fashion Editorial Makeup
    • Camouflage Makeup – Pigmentation/Blemishes – Scars – Vitiligo – Tattoo
    • Brides – Indian Traditional – Catholic Bride
    • Metallic Makeup
    • Yellow Makeup
    • Khaliji Makeup (Silicon Base)
    • Airbrush Makeup
    • 5 types of Eye makeup and eyelash application
    • Red Carpet look
    • Media Makeup look
    • Fantasy
    • Cut, burn, bleeding
    • Modern Bridal Look
    • Bronze Tan look
    • Corrective Make-up (nose, eyes, lips)
    • Day Dew Natural look / glossy look
    • Day Party / Evening
    • Engagement / Shagun look
    • Reception look
    • Indian Ethnic Bridal look day/night and eyelash application
    • Groom Makeup
  • As a cosmetologist, you’ll also master the latest techniques of nail art and nail extensions, besides learning how to add magic to client’s hands with different mehndi styles
  • The Masters in Cosmetology course concludes with body therapy and spa therapy, wherein you will become one of the most reliable masseuses, nutritionists, and exercise experts with a thorough understanding of personal health and hygiene.
  • You’ll gain practical as well as theoretical knowledge of body wraps, scrubs, polishing, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and potli massage, amongst various other beauty and spa treatments

To sum it up, this course is right up there among the best cosmetology courses in India. During the two years when you pursue this course, you will be transformed into a beauty professional who is an expert in not just one, two or three aspects of beauty, but the entire body, from superficial to skin deep

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