Certificate Course In Modern And Ayurvedic Method Of Weight Management

Course Duration:

3 Months | 157 Hours

Level Type:


Course Content:

1. Obesity-causes and consequences, assessment of obesity
2. Dietary management of obesity
3. Meal planning-basic concept and implementation in obesity
4. Drug and surgeries in obesity
5. Fad diets – Blood group diet, Atkins’s diet and GM-diet for weight loss
6. Underweight and its management
7. Ayurveda concept of weight management
8. Hands-on practice on weight gain and weight loss massages

Career Opportunities:

Weight management professionals are in an all-time high demand
They are required not just in parlours or massage centres but also in hospitals, hotels, cruise lines, gyms, fitness centres etc
You may also choose to practice privately or provide your expertise as a weight loss/gain consultant

Best Suited For:

This course is intended for individuals who want to study modern and ayurvedic methods of weight management in detail It is suitable for those who want a career change to qualify as a nutritionist and to become part of a growing health revolution

Course Details:

Orane International School of Hair, Skin & Makeup offers a certification course in nutrition and dietetics to start your career as a nutritionist

Things You Will Learn!

  • This course empowers the candidates with the necessary knowledge to learn about nutrition and dietetics in detail for every age group based on different conditions
  • The course contains numerous units to tell you about nutrients and dietary plans, food sources for nutrients and much more for different age groups and different situations
  • The timeline of the course is 3 months

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