10 Must Have Beauty Essentials While You are Travelling

Date: April 6, 2020

Are you planning to travel outstation for next long weekend or some holiday destination? It is always exciting to head out to outstation trips with a lot of fun and capturing some nice moments. You just need to ensure that your beauty essentials are in place. After all, those perfect selfies, showing your flawless look, will only be the result of right beauty products. Here’s what your beauty bag needs to have while you are travelling:

  1. Dry Shampoo: It’s time to pamper your hair with some good quality dry shampoo as washing your hair on alternate days can be very painful during travel. It nourishes the roots and works like gangbuster on continuous hair damage due to travel.
  2. Overnight Face Masks: Ditch the same boring routine – moisturizer or night cream that you may use before going to bed. An overnight facemask is one of those beauty essentials that will make you feel instantly better and offer a relaxed sleep after a hectic day of traveling.
  3. Face Cleanser: It is also recommended to pack a good face cleanser in your beauty bag as it helps to gently remove the dust and makeup. Also, it will quickly moisturize your skin and can be used anywhere, when going for sight-seeing.
  4. Sunscreen: Most of the time, we spend a lot of time in sun-hazed locations while travelling, so sunscreen is a must for your beauty travel bag. Nowadays, BB creams are also available in the market who gives the benefits of sunscreen and fairness cream in the pack. You can also try that.
  5. Concealer: If you are expecting a tiring trip then a hard-working concealer is an absolute must for your trip.
  6. Nail Polish: Don’t let your nails feel your travel stress because of uneven colour and shape. Pack your favourite nail colours to shinning from head to toe. Also, it would be good if you carry nail cutters along with to shape up/cut your nails.
  7. Nail Polish Remover: To change your nail colours every day or to match each dress, you need to remove old coat from your nails. So, don’t forget to add Nail Polish Remover in your kit.
  8. Bright Lip Shades & an Eye Liner: Nothing can brighten up your face more than a dash of some bright colour lip shades like – Red, Pink, and Mauve colors.
  9. Hair Clips: Hair is also an important part to add a glow to your beauty. So, don’t forget to carry extra hair clips, hair bands or rubbers etc in a small pouch so that you can make style or tie them up when going for sight-seeing.
  10. Fragrances: Pick a travel-sized package to carry in your travel bag. It helps you to smell as lovely in your tiring zone as sitting comfort with nature.

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