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Our Fashion Design Courses

Orane FDM Chandigarh offers world-class fashion design classes catering to different interests and
skill levels. Let’s delve into each:

Fashion Design for Women’s Wear

If your interest lies specifically in women’s fashion design, this course offers specialized training tailored to that niche. This fashion design diploma-level training program equips you with the expertise to design and create stunning women’s wear collections.

It allows you to delve deeply into the nuances of designing for this market segment. It covers a wide range of essential skills and knowledge areas necessary for a women’s fashion design niche. The enrolled students in this fashion design diploma-level training gain a holistic understanding of the industry, from draping to surface ornamentation.

This fashion design course opens doors to exciting careers like:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Craft & Textile Researcher
  • Print & Graphic Designer
  • Costume Designer (Movies/TV Shows

Hand Embroidery

Elevate your garments with the art of hand embroidery! This fashion design certification course focuses on hand embroidery craft and delves deeply into practical skill sets.

In this program, the enrolled students will gain proficiency in a variety of embroidery techniques, from basic stitches to more advanced methods. Beyond the basics, the course also covers advanced embroidery techniques, allowing students to push the boundaries of their creativity and craftsmanship.

This comprehensive approach ensures they are well-equipped to tackle a wide range of design challenges.

This hand embroidery course  empowers you to:

  • Launch your own embroidery business.
  • Work as a freelance embroidery artist.
  • Become an embroidery instructor.
  • Enhance your existing fashion design skills.

Self-Employed Tailor

This course emphasizes practical skills necessary for success as a self-employed tailor, providing hands-on training that translates directly into real-world applications. We are aware that mastery of sewing techniques is essential for any tailor. This self-employed tailor course ensures that students develop proficiency in various sewing techniques, enabling them to produce high-quality garments with precision and craftsmanship.

Moreover, understanding pattern drafting and alterations is essential for tailors, as it allows them to create custom-fit garments and alter existing pieces to meet their clients’ needs. This course covers these crucial aspects comprehensively, equipping.

This fashion design certificate course for the self-employed tailor niche paves the way for:

  • Starting your own tailoring business.
  • Working as a freelance tailor.
  • Offering alteration and repair services.
  • Joining a garment manufacturing unit.

Why Choose Orane FDM, Chandigarh, for Fashion Design Courses?

Choosing the right institute is crucial for realising your fashion design aspirations. Here’s why Orane FDM Chandigarh stands
out for students seeking  admission into professional fashion designing courses.


Industry-focused Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to align with the latest industry trends and demands, ensuring you graduate with relevant and sought-after skills.


Expert Faculty

Learn from experienced and passionate fashion professionals who share their industry knowledge and practical insights.


Hands-on Learning

Our courses emphasize practical learning through workshops, projects, and industry visits, providing you with the necessary hands-on experience.


State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Access modern studios, workshops, and equipment that simulate the real-world fashion design environment.


Placement Assistance

We leverage our strong industry network to help you secure placements with leading fashion brands and design houses.


Affordable Fee/ EMI Option

The fee is affordable for our fashion design courses, and enrolled students can also pay in EMI at 0% interest.


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