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Before we touch on the topic of skilling, we would like to state that Orane International is proud to have its first beauty school in Bihar, one of the biggest states in India. We are delighted that Bihar, which is known for its rich history, was once home to Nalanda University and is the birthplace of two of the world’s most important religions, Buddhism and Jainism, will be added to our list of beauty schools.

The Indian beauty care and salon industry is worth a whopping ₹80,000 crore. It is growing at a 10% CAGR and may grow by 40% by 2026, and it offers great opportunities. But without the right skill set, any individual looking to make it big is going to struggle. Here, the magic of skilling comes into play. Orane International is a trustworthy name in the beauty skill-based training industry, with over 110 branches present in 22 states in India and 2 in Canada.

We are a trusted partner in your journey, recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (B&W SSC), CIBTAC (UK), and CIDESCO (Switzerland). These certifications open doors to exciting career prospects in India and abroad.

Now, you might be wondering, “What kind of jobs can I get in the beauty industry?” Well, the answer is—a multitude! Here’s a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that await you:

  • Cosmetologist: Such professionals specialise in hair, skin, and nail care, offering a comprehensive range of services to clients. Orane cosmetology courses in Patna prepare you with everything that you need (hair, makeup, skincare) to thrive.
  • Makeup Artist: In this professional role, you use your creativity to enhance a person’s natural beauty for any occasion. Orane offers comprehensive beauty courses in Patna at its centre that help you become proficient with all types of makeup looks, from corporate makeup to nude makeup looks to bridal makeup to everyday to red carpet looks, etc.
  • Hairstylist: With a certification in hairdressing and hairstyling, you craft stunning haircuts, styles, and treatments, catering to diverse preferences. Our Patna beauty school offers top hairstyling courses.
  • Skin Care Expert: Help clients achieve healthy, glowing skin through specialized treatments and product recommendations. Similar to other domains, our skincare courses in Patna prepare you well for a great career.
  • Nutritionist: Though it is not exactly part of the beauty industry, Orane, being the beauty and wellness skilling institute chain, offers nutrition courses in Patna to individuals. This comprehensively prepares them in nutrition science, allowing them to provide personalised dietary advice to their clients while also revealing the secrets to optimal health.
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Beyond The Salon Walls:

Aside from the traditional ones mentioned above, there are numerous other related fields in which you can advance your career. 

  • Beauty Advisor: In this, you assist customers in selecting the perfect beauty products at department stores or cosmetic counters.
  • Beauty Blogger/Youtuber: Share your passion and expertise by creating engaging content for online platforms.
  • Freelance Beauty Professional: Set your own schedule and work directly with clients, offering a variety of services.
  • Entrepreneur: Open your own salon, spa, or beauty boutique, and become your own boss!

With Orane’s comprehensive training and globally recognized certifications in beautician courses in Bihar (Patna), you’ll gain the confidence and skills to excel in any beauty career path you choose. 

State-of-The-Art Learning and Unwavering Support

At Orane, Patna, we believe in providing you with the best possible learning experience. Our classrooms boast cutting-edge infrastructure, the latest equipment and products, and a dedicated faculty with extensive industry experience. This immersive environment fosters theoretical knowledge and the practical skills you need to thrive.

But Orane’s commitment extends beyond the classroom. We offer dedicated placement support, helping you connect with leading salons, spas, and beauty brands. Our success stories are a testament to our commitment; over 80,000 graduates have launched flourishing careers with Orane’s guidance. We aim to continue our pursuit with our new beauty academy in Bihar. 

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream

Your desire to create a successful and fulfilling career in the domain of beauty and wellness isn’t far away. At Orane International, Patna, we’re here to empower you every step of the way. Contact us today and explore the exciting world of beauty that awaits! So, don’t hesitate and get in contact with our new beauty academy in Bihar (Patna)  now!

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