Introduction to the Master Educator Program in Beauty & Wellness

Welcome to Orane’s Master Educator Program, your gateway to mastering the art of beauty education. If you’re ready to elevate your career and step into the role of a mentor, the TTT (Train the Trainer) Master Program is your platform to shine. Here, you’ll learn from Master Trainers in the Beauty Profession, embracing techniques to teach, mentor, inspire, and actively engage students in the realm of beauty artistry and training.

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Unveiling the Master Educator Program

Our program is meticulously crafted to furnish you with avant-garde teaching methodologies. It’s more than just a
program—it’s a transformational journey where you’ll acquire the proficiency to foster future Beauty Professionals with
fervor, seeding the essence of lifelong learning to bolster their career trajectory.


The Orane Edge

Become a maestro of both traditional and virtual educational environments. As you complete this course, you will be equipped to deliver quality education across any platform, ensuring the highest standards of beauty training. And the cherry on top? You’ll emerge as an Orane Certified Beauty Education Trainer, a credential that marks your commitment and passion for the beauty education industry.


For the Aspiring Educators and Institutes

Are you a seasoned Beauty Professional with a zest for teaching? Or perhaps an institute aiming to amplify your trainers’ expertise? Orane is your call to action. Register TODAY and begin your ascent as a beacon of knowledge in the Beauty sector.


Five-Star Educator Training Course

Our course is an amalgamation of learning and evolution, designed to cater to educators at every stage—whether you’re at the outset of your teaching journey or come with years of experience. With this program, you’ll embark on an exclusive path within the Hair, Beauty, & Aesthetics Industry, gaining a Level 3 in Teaching & Education—an accolade that recognizes your capability to nurture and teach future beauty experts.


Your Pathway to Excellence

Embark on a venture where you can mentor under the umbrella of Orane or its renowned partners from the cosmetics and salon industries, or if the entrepreneurial spirit beckons, pave the way to establish your own training academy.

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Modules at a Glance

Expand your repertoire with diverse teaching techniques, the integration of multimedia in education, and strategies for fostering a conducive learning environment.

  • Introduction: Acquaint yourself with the course’s heart and soul, its objectives, and the significance of your journey.
  • Understanding Adult Learning: Delve into the psychology of adult education, comprehend various learning styles, and learn to curate audience-centric content.
  • Course Design to Content Development: Hone your skills in crafting course outlines, developing engaging content, and employing assessment tools to ensure educational success.
  • Facilitation Skills: Hone your interpersonal skills, the art of questioning, and the delivery of impactful feedback.
  • Domain-Specific to Advanced Training: Refine your beauty industry expertise and prepare for advanced challenges.
  • Evaluation, Feedback, and Specialized Training: Master assessment methodologies and specialized techniques tailored for the beauty and wellness sector.
  • Digital Training and Technology Utilization: Embrace the digital revolution with intensive training on cutting-edge educational technologies.
  • Assignments and Presentations: Manifest your knowledge through assignments and presentations.
  • Conclusion and Ongoing Resources: The final day wraps up your journey, highlighting key learnings and providing you with a treasure trove of resources for ongoing professional development.
  • Your Next Steps: Your decision to join this course is a leap towards excellence in beauty education. Don’t let this moment slip by. Seize it, register, and begin your transformation into an educational pioneer within the beauty industry. We offer a 100% job guarantee.

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