Upskill Your Beautician Skills with a Mehndi
Design Course 

Have you ever been mesmerized by the intricate beauty of Mehndi’s (also written as mehendi or mehandi) designs? Do you dream of turning your passion for this timeless art form into a fulfilling career or making it a part of your overall beauty skills? Why not, since the art of mehndi or henna has been part of history? 

Henna or mehndi, with a history spanning over 5,000 years, holds a rich legacy, and traces of henna usage date back to ancient Indian texts and imagery. It is still an inseparable part of Indian customs, culture, festivals, and celebrations. Who has not seen a bride nicely dressed with beautiful makeup and mehndi-designs hands? 

Because of its popularity, if you are one of those individuals who wishes to enroll in a mehndi learning course or henna mehndi design course, it is not a surprise. However,  where can you find professional mehndi training courses at an affordable fee? 

Look no further! Taking an advanced mehndi design course at any of Orane International’s beauty academy is your passport to opening exciting opportunities and carving your niche in the world of beauty.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

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Why is a Mehndi Design Course an Essential Skill for Aspiring Makeup Artists?

Place yourself at the place of a professional makeup artist, where you’ve mastered the art of flawless foundation application and smoky eye techniques. But what truly sets you apart as a makeup artist is the ability to offer the complete bridal experience, and mehndi design becomes your secret weapon. Here’s why:

  • Bridal Makeup & Mehndi Go Hand-in-Hand: In many Indian cultures, mehndi is an integral part of traditional bridal celebrations. Clients often seek out makeup artists who can provide both services, creating a cohesive and culturally sensitive look. Offering mehndi alongside your makeup skills makes you a one-stop shop, increasing your appeal and marketability. Because of the popularity of mehndi art, many individuals seek to enroll in a quality certificate mehndi course. The mehndi training course at Orane to learn mehndi designs will substitute for your bridal mehndi classes.
  • Expand Your Clientele: Mastering Mehndi opens doors to a wider audience. Your client base multiplies from individual appointments for special occasions to festive events and cultural celebrations, leading to increased income and career growth.
  • Boost Your Creativity and ConfidenceLearning new design techniques and exploring henna art by enrolling in mehndi course with a certificate expands your creative horizons. As you hone your skills and witness the joy your art brings to clients, your confidence as a beautician soars, making you a more well-rounded and sought-after professional.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Ready to Dive in? Exploring Your Mehndi Design Course

The exciting world of Mehndi design awaits! If you want a professional mehndi course certificate, our program is perfect. Here is an overview of what you can expect and explore:

  • Basic Mehndi Class: Ideal for beginners, this course lays the foundation with essential cone control, design fundamentals, and practice sessions.
  • Advanced Mehndi Design: Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you can advance to more intricate patterns and styles, as well as the ability to create stunning bridal mehendi designs.
  • Bridal Mehndi Course Ingredients: Specifically designed for aspiring bridal makeup artists, these courses focus on mastering intricate bridal mehndi designs and understanding cultural nuances.
  • Learn several popular mehndi styles: Apart from the bridal mehndi designs, the diploma in mehndi designing course of Orane trains you in many other types of styles, including Rajasthani, Pakistani, Arabic, Glitter, Stone, and Tattoo.  

Embrace the Journey: Start Your Mehndi Design Adventure Today!

Are you ready to transform your passion for mehndi into a thriving career? Just get in touch with Orane to enroll for the mehndi training course at one of its beauty schools situated in different places all over India. 

Contact us directly for more information on course details, schedules, and professional mehndi courses fees.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Mehndi Courses

  • Diploma In Mehndi Designing


Diploma In Mehndi Designing

3 Weeks

44 Hours

OCQ41 – Level 4

10th pass

Course Details:

  • Orane International offers the diploma in mehndi designing to start your career as a mehndi artist.
  • This course is in huge demand, especially in festival seasons.
  • People look for the skilled artist who can neatly design with mehndi.
  • The Mehandi course will train you with necessary theoretical and practical details like –
    • Making of a cone
    • Preparation of mehndi
    • Mehandi application
    • Styles of mehandi – Rajasthani, Arabian, Bridal and Gujarati
  • The timeline of the course is 3 weeks.
  • To know more about the course, just drop your query.

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