5 Easy Steps & Get The Everyday Makeup Look In Minutes!

Date: September 17, 2021

Choosing the right makeup to create your everyday look can be a bit tricky for a beginner. You don’t want to put too much makeup but still want a glowing skin tone. So it is a little way in between. Start with moisturising, you can proceed to apply the BB cream of your choice and then come the other steps. Whether you want to go out just for a few hours or attend your office full day, a no-makeup look can do justice to girls of all skin tones.


Let’s discuss the 5 simple steps that will help you create a glowing look without putting on much makeup!

Cleansing & Scrubbing:


The very first thing is to clean your face using a face wash suiting your skin type. Use a hydrating face wash for dry skin and gel face wash for oily skin. You can also combine it with a scrub to clean your pores deeply. Use a soft towel to pat dry your face.



The next important step in this series is to moisturise your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated through the day and prepare it for makeup too. In moisturisers also, you will get different types – gel, cream, lotion etc.

Concealer & BB Cream:


If you are dealing with dark circles and acne marks, then it is advised to use a concealer to hide them. If you are blessed with spotless skin, then apply BB cream to your skin tone and you are done. Blend the concealer and BB cream to get a flawless texture.

Highlight your eyes & cheeks:


Once you are done with the base, it's time to target the eye area. Your eyes can totally enhance your whole look. For a daily look, applying the eyeshadow is totally optional. Go for soft and neutral shades. Apply eyeliner, kajal and mascara as per your desire.
To highlight your facial features, applying a pinch of bronze blusher is a perfect pick. Go for neutral- coloured blush for natural-looking skin. Brush the Blush!

Colour your Lips:


If you are going to create an everyday look, then nude matte lipsticks are mostly preferable. The reason is these lipsticks last longer and give you the creamy effect that most glossy and liquid lipsticks don’t. Try to invest in smudge-free lipsticks that will stay for longer hours on your lips.

Wrap Up:

Want to look your best every day! If yes, then the above-mentioned tips will help you attain a no- makeup look without putting much of your effort. Make sure you go for waterproof makeup and invest in the best brands. Don’t forget, overdoing everyday makeup can play the spoilsport. Know your skin tone and facial features to highlight the right areas of your face!

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