5 Easy Tips and Tricks for a Fresh and Natural Makeup Look!

Date: April 6, 2020

Summer is already on the head and maybe you all have excited plans to enjoy it. Most of the people wait for the summers to do fun like swimming, going to beaches or travelling to hill stations, etc. But nobody, especially women never want it for melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick. Today, we are discussing the easy tips that do not melt in summers.

Getting a natural makeup look, smooth and glowing complexion doesn’t mean caking layers after layers of foundation on your face. In this blog post, our top makeup artists spill out their best tips and tricks for getting a natural makeup look, and looking fresh and pretty even weather is all against to your skin.

1.Start fresh and evenout your skin: Get a luminous skin and flawless beauty in summers by keeping yourself well-hydrated. You can use essential face oil in your makeup for a natural makeup look. Rub gently and evenly on your cheekbones and under eyes for getting even skin tone.Use some drops of it on your face to get a moisturised skin. Adding a few drops in your oil free classic moisturiser is enough to give you a refreshing glow. Those who are looking for a dewy skin can add a tiny drop in their foundation. It will give them a dewy finish.

2.Use foundation as concealer: Since foundation is more sheer than concealer, so use it in a very light manner for a natural makeup look. Apply only a dot or two on under eyes area and around your nostrils. It will give you a smoother skin tone.

3.Makeup to glow but not flush: Anyone who wants to use blush, get a muted pink or berry tone as it appears dull. Moreover, it blends perfectly with the skin and gives you a natural makeup look.

4.Go for natural tone, not heavy eye makeup: Eyes stimulate the beauty of your face. Carry a natural eye makeup this summer and lookstunning. For a natural makeup look, you can use a matte eyeshadow and an angled brush to define your eyebrows. Contour the outer corner of your eyes with a soft taupe shade. Highlight your eyelids and inner corner. Now apply mascara preferably two coats and shine different from crowd.

5.Eat healthy and look fantabulous: Everybody knows eating healthy will directly impact their health and skin. A balanced diet is always a key to look fantabulous and glow naturally. Drinking 3 liters of water and balancing your diet with right portion of carbs, protein and fats with special inclusion of seasonal fruits in your daily diet not only give you a healthier feeling but also reflect on your skin and face as well.For a natural makeup look, you can follow these tips and get a shiny and natural makeup look. In summers, a natural makeup look is always better to one carrying the heavy makeup and wielding it everywhere.

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