Beauty Courses for Sure Career Success

The beauty industry offers a unique blend of creativity, personal connection, diverse opportunities, and continuous learning. Completing a professional beautician course can lead to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career, making it an excellent choice for youth.

However, many students who want to pursue the beauty industry enrol in beauty parlour courses at small and unorganised centers, but this is not the best approach. You need a credible beauty institute with extensive experience that can provide you with certification, experience, and placement assistance. These help a budding beautician become a professional beauty artist.

Considering all of these, you should consider completing a course at Orane, India’s largest and most prominent chain of beauty academies. We ignite your passion for beauty with industry-acclaimed courses! Whether you’re a budding beautician aspiring to reach professional heights, a seasoned pro seeking to upskill, or someone wanting to discover their inner beauty guru, Orane has the perfect programme for you.

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Eyelash and Eye Tinting

The World of Endless Possibilities is Waiting!

  • Certificate in Eyelash and Eye Tinting: Via this specific beauty parlour course, you can master the art of enhancing eyes with lush lashes and captivating tints. By completing this programme, you can go on to become a sought-after lash technician, opening doors to exciting salon opportunities.
  • Diploma in Beauty Culture: This comprehensive beauty course equips you with the full spectrum of skills, from skincare and makeup to hair styling and body treatments. Thrive in the vibrant realm of professional beauty parlours, salons, and high-end studios by joining this professional programme.
  • Certificate in Basic Beauty: Gain the fundamentals of facial care, makeup application, and hairstyling, laying the foundation for a rewarding career in the beauty industry.
  • Certificate in Advanced Beauty: Elevate your expertise with advanced techniques in makeup artistry, hairdressing, and spa treatments via this beauty course to increase your versatility as a skilled professional.
  • Certificate in Waxing: Via this specific course, you can learn and master hair removal with waxing, a highly sought-after skill in beauty salons and spas.
  • Certificate in Threading: This precise hair removal technique is in high demand. Learn the expertise, unlocking doors to a thriving clientele, via this beauty parlour course.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Orane: Your Gateway to Success

  • Real-World Experience: Get hands-on training in our state-of-the-art beauty 110 academies scattered in all parts of India and learn from renowned beauty experts.
  • Industry-Recognised Certifications: Become a certified individual with brilliant credentials and skills valued by employers, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Dedicated Career Support: We guide you every step of the way with job placement assistance and industry connections.
  • NSDC-Approved Course: The beauty courses at Orane are NSDC-approved, and we are a Grade A training partner with them. This unique advantage in our skilling programmes helps students with their careers.

We are passionate about providing the best possible practical training, ensuring you graduate with the confidence and skills to thrive in the beauty industry. With over 100 institutes across India, Orane is the ideal choice for:

  • Students: Launch your dream career in beauty with a foundation of expertise.
  • Professionals: Upskill and stay ahead of the curve, expanding your service offerings and clientele.
  • Beauty enthusiasts: Discover the joy of beautifying yourself and others with personalised skill development and even become a highly sought-after professional beauty artist.

So, don’t just take up any of the beauty parlour classes; start your journey to a rewarding one with Orane! Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and achieving remarkable success via our beauty courses.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

professional beauty and makeup artist

Beauty Courses

  • Certificate in Self Grooming
  • Certificate in Eye Lash and Eye Tinting
  • Diploma in Beauty Culture
  • Certificate in Advance Beauty
  • Certificate in Waxing
  • Certificate in Threading


Certificate In Self Grooming

2 Weeks

30 Hours

OCQ29 – Level 1

Course Details:

Orane International offers a number of short term beauty courses, and the certificate in self grooming is part of this. Many times, we have a situation where we want to go out with friends or attend an unplanned event, but we don’t have time to go to a beautician. Learn a self-grooming course with Orane International that will help you in several ways.

Things You Will Learn!

Enterprises that have hired Orane International students include the biggest names in the beauty and wellness sector.

  • This self-grooming beautician course is perfect for those who face unplanned situations and we all face such situations.
  • So in today’s generation, it is necessary for all.
  • This course covers self-threading, skincare/haircare, self-makeup, self-bleach, self-nail art, self-facial, self-waxing and much more that we can do ourselves.
  • The timeline of the course is just two weeks.


Certificate In Eye Lash And Eye Tinting

4 Days

6 Hours (Per Day)

OCQ26 – Level 2

Course Content:

  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Training
  • Knowledge of Precautions/Contradictions
  • First Aid

Course Details:

  • Become a semi-permanent eye-makeup expert with Eyelash and Eye Tinting Certification training at your nearest Orane International School of hair, skin and makeup.
  • This is a beauty course that is short-term yet professional. It is meant to train students with the advanced techniques of eyelash and tinting.
  • By gaining hands-on experience and practical know-how in eyelash tinting and eye tinting procedures, you can become an expert in a matter of merely 5 days.
  • This beauty parlour course is in high demand due to the high popularity of eye beautification procedures among girls in particular.

What is Eyelash & Eye Tinting?

  • Eyelash and eye tinting is a semi-permanent makeup procedure to darken and deepen the colour of lashes and brows using semi-permanent or permanent dyes.
  • For people with blonde or light-coloured brows or lashes, eyelash and eye tinting is the best solution, as it brings a magical change to the face, that lasts for weeks or months.
  • The basic role of eyelash and eye tinting treatments is to enhance the beauty of the eye area.

What Do You Learn in Eyelash And Eye Tinting Certification Course?

  • The Certificate in Eyelash and Eye Tinting, which falls under the beauty course category at Orane International, covers not only the eyelash and eye tinting technical procedures but also imparts knowledge of essential safety measures, precautions and contradictions in these practises that practitioners must follow to avoid any side effects post the treatment.
  • All these treatments are in great demand these days, which means there is a great opportunity to turn your knowledge into a profitable business.

What Are The Career Opportunities For Certified Eyelash & Eye Tinting Experts?

  • After completing this beautician course from a reputed institute, you can join skin clinics, derma clinics and estheticians who offer these specialised procedures.
  • You can also attract more clients and earn attractive revenue in your own beauty salon.
  • In the modern age, where people are quite concerned about their looks, eyelash & eye tinting treatments are quickly gaining popularity.
  • Especially in the beauty and media industry, men and women love to undergo these semi-permanent eye enhancement solutions over usual eye makeup that includes mascara, brow- pencils, etc.
  • The face’s appearance with tinted brows and lashes gets enhanced with attractive definitions.
  • As a result of these treatments, people do not need to carry mascara and brow pencils in their bags.
  • For the amazing feel of eyelash and eye tinting, one can flaunt the dramatic lashes with attractive tinted brows.
  • Talking about celebrities, they have made a great contribution to the popularity of eye enhancement treatments.

Enrollment for this program is now open!



Diploma in Beauty Culture

4 months

200 Hours

ODQ6– Level 3

Course Details

  • Diploma in Beauty Culture at Orane International is a job-oriented beauty course that students can pursue right after 10th grade.
  • Beauty diploma courses in cosmetology can make you job-ready, recession-proof and financially independent.
  • This short-term beautician course that includes beauty culture, hairdressing, and makeup is specifically designed to equip you with in-demand professional skills.

Things You Will Learn!

  • The Diploma in Beauty Culture covers basic and advanced levels of beauty treatments, haircuts, hairstyles, hair treatments, and various aspects of an in-depth makeup course.
  • Whether you wish to launch your own beauty parlour or work in a salon, a Diploma in Beauty Culture can transform you into a beauty professional in a matter of a few months.
  • This vocational beauty course is best for students who wish to start earning at an early stage Housewives, women with entrepreneurial backgrounds, and business-oriented men who have an interest in the beauty industry may enrol in this course to acquire professional skills.
  • At Orane International School of Hair, Skin and Makeup, our comprehensive curriculum of in-class theoretical training and practical sessions makes us the best beauty institute in India while making our trainees the first choice of top beauty brands, salons, spas and derma clinics.


Certificate in Advance Beauty

2 months

93 Hours

Course Details

Are you prepared to elevate your beauty skills and immerse yourself in the realm of advanced beauty treatments? Orane International is delighted to present the “Certificate in Advance Beauty,” a holistic program meticulously crafted to enhance your expertise and understanding in the beauty and wellness domain. Over the course of 2 months, spanning 93 instructional hours, you’ll embark on an enlightening journey that will unveil an extensive array of advanced beauty methodologies and principles.

Furthermore, this program goes beyond the basics, equipping you with specialized skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in the beauty industry. You’ll explore cutting-edge techniques and gain proficiency in advanced treatments, making you a sought-after beauty professional.

With the “Certificate in Advance Beauty,” you’ll boost your career prospects and offer clients a broader range of specialized services, ensuring their satisfaction and well-being. Join us at Orane International and take that crucial step toward becoming an accomplished beauty expert.

Couse Ingredients

Advanced Beauty (Level III)


  • Cosmetic Science: Gain an in-depth understanding of the science behind cosmetics, including their formulation and functionality.
  • Common Terms of Dermatology: Familiarize yourself with the common terminology and concepts in dermatology.
  • Electricity and Safety Precautions: Understand the safe use of electricity in beauty treatments and the precautions necessary to ensure client safety.
  • Chemical Ingredients and Cosmetic Products: Explore the chemical components used in cosmetic products and their applications.
  • First Aid, Health & Safety: Learn essential first aid procedures and the importance of health and safety in beauty treatments.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

certification in advance beauty

Understanding Facial Machines and Their Practical Applications

  • Face Machines: Master the operation of various facial machines, including Galvanic-Disincrustation, Galvanic-Ionization, vacuum suction, High frequency (Direct and Indirect), Facial Faradic, Ultrasonic, Infra-Red Lamp, and their applications in beauty treatments.
  • Advanced Face Analysis: Develop the skills to perform advanced face analysis to assess skin conditions and determine suitable treatments.
  • Client Consultation and Records: Understand the process of client consultation and the importance of maintaining accurate records for effective treatment planning.
  • Advanced Face Analysis: Develop the skills to perform advanced face analysis to assess skin conditions and determine suitable treatments.
  • Chemical Peels: Explore the world of chemical peels, with a focus on Glycolic peels and their applications in skincare.

Upon successful completion of the “Certificate in Advance Beauty” course at Orane International, you’ll be equipped with the advanced knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the beauty industry and offer specialized treatments.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Certificate in Advance Beauty

Career Options 

This program opens the door to a range of exciting career opportunities, including roles such as:

  • Advanced Beauty Therapist
  • Cosmetic Product Advisor
  • Dermatology Assistant
  • Independent Beauty Consultant
  • Skincare Specialist
  • Spa Manager
  • Beauty Educator

With the “Certificate in Advance Beauty,” you’ll be prepared to take on more advanced beauty treatments and services, leading you to a fulfilling and specialized career in the beauty and wellness industry. Join Orane International today and take your beauty career to new heights.

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Beauty Treatment


Certificate in Waxing

12 Days

24 Hours


Unlock the secrets to flawless and smooth skin with our Certificate in Waxing course. Whether you’re an aspiring beauty professional or someone looking to acquire a valuable skill, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of waxing. In just 12 days and 24 hours of dedicated learning, you will delve into a comprehensive curriculum that covers various waxing techniques, ensuring you emerge as a skilled waxing specialist.

Course Details

In this 12-day intensive program, you will be exposed to a wide range of techniques and practices, allowing you to become a proficient expert. Our course includes:

  • Hot Wax Techniques: Explore the art of hot wax application using the traditional katori wax method.
  • Chocolate Wax: Delve into the intriguing world of chocolate wax, a luxurious and fragrant option for hair removal.
  • Bikini Wax: Learn the delicate procedure of bikini waxing, a skill highly sought after in the beauty industry.
  • Eyebrow Wax: Perfect your eyebrow waxing skills, transforming brows to enhance your clients’ natural beauty.
  • Full Body Wax: Master the art of full-body waxing, catering to clients who desire a smooth, hair-free skin canvas.
  • Cold Wax Techniques: Understand the nuances of cold waxing, offering a more comfortable experience for your clients.
  • Roll-On Wax: Get hands-on experience with roll-on wax application, a convenient and efficient method.
  • Rica Wax: Discover the benefits of Rica Wax, a premium choice for clients seeking a superior waxing experience.
  • Brazilian Wax: Gain expertise in Brazilian waxing, a specialized skill that can set you apart in the beauty industry.

Things You Will Learn

  • Proper wax application techniques
  •  Hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Handling different wax types
  •  Safety precautions and contraindications
  •  Effective hair removal methods
  •  Client communication and consultation
  •  Pain management and aftercare

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Beauty Treatment

Career Opportunities:

A Certificate in Waxing opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. As a certified waxing specialist, you can:

  • Work in Salons and Spas: Join established salons or spas as a waxing technician, offering services to a wide range of clients.
  • Start Your Own Business: Become an entrepreneur by establishing your own waxing studio, offering specialized services.
  • Freelance and Mobile Services: Provide on-demand waxing services, visiting clients at their convenience.
  • Specialized Waxing Clinics: Focus on niche areas such as eyebrow shaping or Brazilian waxing to build a specialized clientele.
  • Educator or Trainer: Share your expertise by becoming a waxing instructor, teaching the art to aspiring beauty professionals.
  • Cruise Ships and Resorts: Explore travel and leisure industry opportunities, providing waxing services on cruise ships or at exotic resorts.

A career in waxing not only offers stability and a flexible work schedule but also the chance to connect with clients on a personal level, helping them feel confident and beautiful. The Certificate in Waxing course equips you with the knowledge and skills to embark on a successful and fulfilling journey in the beauty industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a sought-after waxing specialist. Enroll today and take the first step towards a glamorous career.

 This program opens the door to a range of exciting career opportunities, including roles such as:

Enrollment for this program is now open!

Beauty Treatment


Certificate in Threading

 6 Days

12 Hours


Introduction of the course 

Elevate your skills and embark on a journey into the world of precision and artistry with our Certificate in Threading course. Perfectly shaped eyebrows and silky smooth skin are just a few days of training away. This 6-day course, requiring 12 hours of focused learning, equips you with the knowledge and expertise to master the age-old art of threading.

Course Details:

In this intensive 6-day program, you will dive into the intricacies of threading, focusing on face and eyebrow shaping. Our course includes:

  • Face Shapes: Gain insight into the variety of face shapes and understand how to create tailored threading solutions for each.
  • Eyebrow Shapes: Master the art of shaping eyebrows to enhance the natural beauty of your clients.
  • Threading Technique: Learn the precision threading techniques for eyebrows and upper lips, offering a clean and painless hair removal experience.

Things You Will Learn:

  • Identifying and analyzing face shapes
  • Customized eyebrow-shaping techniques
  • Threading methods for different areas
  • Hygiene and sanitation practices
  •  Client consultation and communication
  •  Pain management and aftercare
  • -Safety precautions and contraindications

Career Opportunities:

With a Certificate in Threading, a world of opportunities awaits you in the beauty and wellness industry:

  • Salons and Spas: Join established salons or spas as a threading specialist, enhancing the beauty of clients.
  • Beauty Studios: Open your own beauty studio or boutique, offering specialized threading services.
  • Mobile Threading Services: Provide on-demand threading services, bringing your expertise to clients’ homes.
  • Brow Bars: Focus on becoming a brow artist specializing in eyebrow shaping.
  • Educator or Trainer: Share your threading expertise by becoming an instructor, helping others embark on their beauty careers.
  • Event and Bridal Services: Offer threading services for special events, weddings, and other occasions.

A threading career offers a creative outlet and the chance to empower clients with confidence through well-shaped eyebrows and smooth skin. The Certificate in Threading course is your ticket to becoming a sought-after threading specialist. Enroll today and take the first step towards a beautiful and fulfilling career in the beauty industry.

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