5 Hair Styling Tools you must have for great Hair Styles

Date: April 19, 2020

Hair Styles

Whether you want to give your hair a straight flat-ironed look or you want to give it beautiful beach waves or curls, you will get a perfect hair tool for every style you can think of. There are a lot many tools to do the job however, following five styling tools are simply must to be in your kit if creating great hair styles is what your desire for.

Hair straightener and curler

Having a sleek styling tool to iron hair can enhance your talent to an all new level. A professional copper or ceramic flat iron is a perfect straightening tool, to smooth out strands or help straighten naturally curly hair. A perfect straightener can work like a great curler too and you can choose the best from a wide range of these two in one stylers available in many brands.

When it comes to choosing a flat iron, make sure you pick one with a heat setting high enough for any type of hair. The copper ceramic technology allows hair to be straightened without breaking while leaving behind a luminous shine. The heat setting goes up to 455 degrees, enabling even the most stubborn of curls to become pin straight. Best irons heat up in less than ten seconds. Pick the one that’s designed to remember the temperature settings that you use the most, to make it easy for you as soon as you turn it on.


One of the features that you must look into while selecting your hairdryer is the weight. A light-weight hairdryer will not only reduce drying time but will also give you great comfort in handling it. When it comes to drying and styling your hair, it’s always a great feeling when you can get it done promptly, significantly reducing the time you spend with heat directly applied to hair. Mostly the hairdryers come with both hot and cool air modes, what you should make sure is the ease of shifting from one mode to the other and back. And yes, creativity flows better when there’s no noise so, ensure your hairdryer works silently enough.

Hot Air Brush

A thermal interchangeable brush allows you to blow dry and style your hair all at once without having to use more than one product. Can you say genius? With different interchangeable brush heads, you can choose which one works best for your hair type and length.

Multi-Tasking Styler

A versatile styler allows you to create multiple styles with one product. You can use it on dry hair to tame the fly-away locks or deconstruct waves or on wet hair to create a smooth polished blowout. An effective and high-quality hair styling gel provides utmost control, sheen, and constant hold. You can use this gel in shaping and texturizing your hair; even for the hardest types of hair to enable it hold styles. Go for a hair styling gel that is alcohol-free and light-weighted. It should add strength, volume, and beauty to your hair while providing you with long-lasting hold.

Round brush

Even if you don’t want a curly look to your hair, using a round brush while drying can add dimension and volume to your style. Dry your hair in sections, lifting them at the root with the round brush and repeat until hair is fully dry. Round brushes come in a few different styles. Plastic bristles or natural ones? That choice is up to you based on your style preferences and goals.

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