5 Must Have Beauty Tools in Your Makeup Vanity

Date: April 20, 2020

Beauty Tools

You watch thousands of makeup tutorials by hundreds of beauty experts and then try your best to master the art of applying makeup. Yet most of the times, no matter how hard you try, your eye shadow doesn’t come out to be as flawless as you see is done in the pictures of gorgeous models all over the social media. Your foundation doesn’t seem as airbrushed and seamless as theirs. You keep buying expensive makeup products to achieve a look as perfect as theirs but sadly, your efforts always fall short.

Let us bring your worry to an end. You need to realize that just having great products or skills isn’t enough, you have got to have the right tools as well. Your beauty tools will make all the difference and you will be able to achieve the same look what you always aspire for looking at your diol’s pictures. What more, these tools will make your job a lot easier and will also save a lot of time and hassles. Remember, just like an artist needs his brushes to be perfect and a surgeon needs precise equipment, you also require appropriate tools to get the desired results. Let’s find out which are the five Must have beauty Tools in your makeup box.

Makeup Brushes

Although there are dozens of different styles of brushes available, there are certain types of brushes that are absolutely essential in your kit. 2 or 3 brushes are all that you need but these must be the best. A good foundation brush such as a stippling brush or a buffing brush is crucial to achieve the maximum coverage out of your foundation.

A packing brush is required to apply eye shadow and then a blending brush to make sure there are no harsh lines created by different eye shadows on your eye lids. No matter how smooth and buttery shadows you get, you’ll never be able to achieve a smokey eye look without having the correct blending brush.

To apply compact powder, you will need a big fluffy brush while a slightly smaller round brush is what you will need for applying blush or bronzer. The number of brushes however, can vary on the amount of makeup you apply.

Eye lash Curler

Blessed are the girls who have naturally long, wispy and curled up lashes, but unfortunately, they are very few. For everyone else, eye lash curler is the way to go. Before applying mascara, you must use a lash curler. This will work like a magic to any lengthening and lifting mascara.

An eye lash curler will give the lashes that extra lift and curl and will make your eyes look bigger and open. Using an eye lash curler before applying mascara will make sure your lashes stay in place throughout the day and your mascara will have its maximum effect.


A small tool but an extremely multipurpose one. From plucking out random facial hair, to tweezing the one popping out of the brow, to applying your false lashes with, a pair of tweezers has many uses.

You can choose a pair whichever feels comfortable to use. However, in case you use them mainly for applying false lashes, you need one with extremely pointy nibs. For plucking out facial hair, choose one that has a good grip.

Makeup Sponge

Have you ever felt that using sponge is not really professional? Then try using them once and it will change your perception. Makeup sponges can be used for liquid or cream foundation or concealer with great effect.

Make sure your sponge is not overly wet or dripping. Squeeze out as much water from it as possible before applying any product with it. Apply your foundation on your face and blend it in on your face with a makeup sponge using dabbing, stippling motions. It gives an air-brushed finish. It is great for beginners as it soaks in any excess product and gives a very natural look.

There are different shapes and sizes of sponges that you can choose from, depending on the area you want to use it for. A pointed small one will work best for your concealer, or underneath your eyes while a larger round one will be the best for entire face.

Tools Organisers

When you spend a good chunk of money on your makeup tools and products, keeping them organised also becomes essential not only for ease in use or for an aesthetic look of your dressing table. It is also necessary to store them in the most hygienic and tidy manner. From cotton pads containers to beauty blender holders, to brush cleaning pads to drying stands, everything is a must. Ideally, you must wash your makeup brushes quite often. After all, these are your trusted tools that are used on a daily basis, it’s better to keep them safe from the risk of bacteria and nasty germs that can get trapped in those brush bristles and that can get transferred onto your face if applied without cleaning.

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