7 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips To Follow This Season

Date: April 6, 2020

We are running on mid- April, a time of summer and fierce heat. It comes along with a lot of skin issues. Oily skin tends to get oilier and dry skin gets patchy and rough. Your skin gets prone to damage, breakouts, pimples, rashes, roughness, and acne. Making simple changes in your daily summer skin care regime can actually help deal with sweltering summer. You might have used to listen drink a lot of water, which is the best practice always. In this article, we are sharing some other summer skin care tips to protect your skin against the unwanted curse.

Summer skin care tips that you must follow to ensure a healthy skin this summer season.

1. Do not forget to exfoliate: It is super essential to remove dead skin cells that damage the skin texture and give you an uneven skin tone. Put more concentration on natural skin care ingredients or organic & herbal products.

2. Give yourself Vitamin C Boost: Vitamin C is responsible to support or improving skin tissues and helps the skin keep healthy, firm and strong. Give yourself a boost of vitamin C rich foods like lemon, amla, grapefruits, tomato, and green leafy vegetables among others.

3. Forget everything, but sunscreen: In summers, sunscreen is the most important product you must use. Prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin tone that forms wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots or patches.

4. Do not ignore eyes and the lips: Eyes and lips are the most exposed and neglected area of the face. Make sure to cover your eyes with sunglasses and load your lips with sun protecting lip balm at the time of stepping outside.

5. Stay Hygienic: Tackle the heat with staying hygiene. In summers, unwanted germs and bacteria grow up that may harm you. To protect, take a bath twice daily, which will not only keep your skin fresh but also feel you energetic and healthy.

6. Intake cooling food: Diet has an important role to glow or to prevent your skin against burning heat. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that cool your body. Drink vegetables juices, electoral powders and coconuts water that will be the best electrolyte on a hot sunny day.

7. Get Sufficient Sleep: A good sleep is necessary to regenerate and repair the skin for next day. Your skin is tired and to rejuvenate skin tissues that can give it – Rest. So, take 7-8 hours’ sleep daily.

Bring these summer skin care tips to your skin rescue plan against summers and enjoy summers like never before!

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