7 Health and Wellness Tips for the Holiday Season

Date: April 6, 2020

Only 10 days left and very soon we will be stepping into 2018. Before that, I am sure you must have plans to enjoy the holiday season -It is a wonderful time to eat, drink, dance, do fun and entertainment. Probably, you have also thought of new year resolution. If not, let’s aim to follow the healthy routine in the new year and get a healthy life. Follow these 7 Health and Wellness tips from today onward. It will help you to avoid your morning blues after party. Moreover, it will help you to make this habit until the new year.

1. Get Moving or Exercising: Regular, sustained moving activities like Brisk Walk, Aerobic, Yoga, and Zumba is one of the most effective ways to stay active and preventing most of the diseases. Start from 5 minutes and then constantly increase it up to 30 minutes.

2. Cheat a Little, But Only Once a Day: Surely, you might have holiday party plans. Allow yourself 1 small serving. Enjoy the texture, aroma, and savour. However, make a habit to compensate it by reducing your calorie intake or burning a few extra calories through exercise.

3. Control the Risk of Temptation: Clear your office/home of tempting holiday sweets, cake, and goodies. When you bring anything, keep a small amount for you and family and rest you can give it to friends or use it for gifting.

4. Eat more Veggies and Fruits: Try to take 5 or more servings of Fruits and vegetable each day. It will provide you proper nutrients and stay full for long hours without adding just calories.

5. Never Go Hungry To A Party: Before going to a party, always try to eat 1 bowl of salad, fruits, raw nuts or it is better you take calorie free yogurt.

6. Say No Politely: Make a habit of saying no for high-calorie foods even if it is home-made and your host encourages you to eat. Learn to say No politely.

7. Focus on Socializing, Not Food: Conversation always comes calorie-free and even if you talk standing, it will burn more calorie than sitting. So, get out of food and mingle with friends and other activities.

Hopefully, these 7 Health and Wellness tips will help you to gain extra calories for this Christmas and new year along enjoy every moment of the party. You can also add the points that may help people to stay fit and healthy and we promise to publish the best 2 tips on our Facebook and other social channels. Also share your thoughts about these 7 Health and Wellness tips.

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