7 Things to Consider When Planning to Open a New Nail Salon

Date: December 20, 2019

Open a New Nail Salon

Do you want to start your own nail salon but confused? Starting your own business requires more knowledge, time, experience and hard work than to work as a nail technician. As a business owner, you would need to look after everything from marketing, operations to accounts, etc. You must also be aware of the latest trends as well.

Nowadays, people are busier and they prefer home beauty services over visiting a salon. Opening a mobile nail salon may look easier, but it does not mean you can start it without preparation. You need to have a proper checklist of ‘things you need to do’ for opening a mobile nail salon.

Here is a basic checklist for your help:

Formal Education from Nail and beauty training academy

Before you start planning anything, you need to have a formal degree from nail salon school to learn every detail of nail services and nail art. Youtube or the internet can never replace your formal schooling. Learning directly from experts is a far different experience. They will teach you about the minutest of things.

Relevant experience

Once you have formal education, it is time to gain some experience and understand the customers and the way to deal with them and their expectations. You can work with a good salon brand to get some experience. This opportunity will not only give you relevant experience but also let you understand how a salon works and attract customers.

Get License

Once you are ready to start your salon, the first step should be to get a license to start a mobile salon. Every city, state, and country have different rules. You can consult your teachers to know more about it or can visit government websites which deal with licensing. You may also need to give some exams to get it.

Find a Niche

While you are working, you can start doing your market research and competitors’ research such as about their services and prices. Also, study how they approach customers, do they focus on a particular group of people, etc. You need to find your way out how you can offer unique services and attract customers. When you offer something unique, you attract customers. So plan and design your products & services according to that.

Legal Documentation

To start any business, there are some legal formalities which you need to follow and complete before starting it. You may need the TIN, GST if in India or other documents if staying in some other countries. Avoiding any of this can spoil all your planning and investment. This is one of the prerequisites. You may also need a commercial vehicle license if you are planning to have Van mobile salon.

Health and Safety regulation

In the beauty industry, we use a lot of harsh chemicals such as hair color, nail paint remover, and many others. In every country, there is health and safety department that have some regulation which you need to follow to keep your customer and company safe. These chemicals are quite harmful to the skin. Except this, there are some protocols to clean tools and keep them hygienic and safe for next use, follow that as well.


Last but not least, promotion and marketing is something which is unavoidable. It does not matter how good your services are, if you are not reaching out to your customers, they cannot help you to earn money out of it. To earn, you need to reach people and tell them about your products and services. Use social media, internet and offline marketing for promotion.

These were some of the initial and important things you need to consider when planning for mobile nail salon. Each of the above points is unavoidable. So if you want to have your own salon, take the first step today and join a beauty academy that offers detailed nail courses. A detailed nail technician course covers everything you would need from nail services to nail art and nail extension basics.

You can visit Orane beauty academy in your city and discuss your needs with our counselor. They will guide you in every possible way. Happy Learning!

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