All You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup

Date: November 30, 2019

airbrush makeup

Less should be more when we talk about makeup. We all desire to make our skin look flawless and face like a photoshopped image, but our regular thick foundations and lack of makeup skills fail us sometimes.

Airbrush makeup has emerged as the latest trend in makeup techniques as it promises a natural look that lasts all day. Most of us think that it’s only available to celebrities, models, A-listers, but airbrush makeup is available for the girl next door too!

Many traditional Makeup Artists are now specializing in airbrush makeup too and there are some DIY options as well.

But before you get started, you might have a few questions on your mind.

How to apply airbrush makeup?

The airbrush used to do makeup is like a stainless steel gun with a hose that attaches to a small air compressor. The makeup is applied through a needle-size opening in this airbrush gun. When you pull back the airbrush-gun trigger, the makeup is released into a cup at the top of the gun and air flows through the hose, which pushes the makeup onto the skin in a mist form. You can also join short Makeup Course to learn the technique.

Can I apply my regular foundation through the airbrush gun?

No, the regular foundation is too thick to be applied through the gun. Special products, which are thinner and lighter in the formula, are used for airbrush makeup. These products are mostly available in three different formulas: water-based, silicone-based and alcohol-based.

Does airbrush makeup lasts longer than traditional makeup?

The airbrush makeup promises to last longer than traditional makeup and is suitable for all weathers. The silicone-based formula, especially, is expected to be highly water-resistant and withstand all the hugs and kisses without compromising your celebrity look.

Can airbrush makeup be done at home?

Yes. All you need is an air brush makeup kit and several practise rounds before you get started. Then you can do it at home comfortably.

You can also enrol in certificate course in air brush makeup at your nearest Orane Beauty Institute to learn the art of this technically advanced makeup techniques. So, get ready to don a celebrity look with airbrush makeup for your next special occasion.

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