All You Need to Know About Virgin Human Hair Extensions & Self-care Tips

Date: September 16, 2019

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Hair is the crowning glory of every woman and man. In the past decade there has been a manifold spike in hair woes due to rise in pollution, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, stress and poor eating habits. Today you’ll find 8 out of 10 women suffering from hair thinning, receding hairline and hair loss. On the other hand, some people do not naturally  have a dense mane but strongly desire to get one. A head full of flowing locks adds beauty and subtracts years off your persona.

With technical advancements in the beauty and wellness industry, solutions like virgin human hair extensions are available today to get beautiful hair instantly, without any non-invasive surgery or treatment. While synthetic hair extensions are also an option, they do not match the quality and aesthetics of real human hair extensions.

Virgin human Hair Extensions are unprocessed human hair can be treated just like your natural hair. These hair guarantee that they’ve not been bleached, colored, permed or chemically processed ever. They are expensive and can be styled with hair styling tools, rollers or colored in your desired shade.

Virgin human hair extensions are made from highest quality hair from a single donor and carry a big price tag. Thereby if you are opting for one, you must know how to take care of these pricy bigwigs.

Like your natural hair, keeping your virgin human hair extensions conditioned lends them long life and maintains their quality. Hair experts recommend using a pre-conditioner for virgin human hair extensions, use mild shampoo and follow up with an anti-frizz hair serum which is alcohol free. Once in every week, you must do deep conditioning for at least twenty minutes and rinse thoroughly without rubbing.

Air-dry should be your chosen method to dry your virgin human hair extensions, limit blow-dry as much as possible. Apply a heat protectant whenever you are using hot styling tools.

At bed time, it is best to tie your virgin human hair extensions in a high pony or braid, and wrap it with a silk or satin scarf. This will ensure that your hair stay untangled. On the other hand, you must avoid using hair oils or massaging hair strands as it will make them tangled.

If you going for swimming, tie your hair up high to avoid contact with the pool’s chlorinated water. Use a swimming cap, and shampoo your hair later. Similarly, when going out in sun, it’s best to wear a sunhat or cover your hair with a scarf or bandana.

Lastly, it is prudent to visit your hair extensions stylist once in every two months to keep your virgin human hair extensions in their best form and finish.

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