Beauty Tips for Winters 2016 you cant live without!

Date: April 6, 2020

Tips to stay beautiful this winter!

The most loved Indian season by a long margin, winter, is just around the corner. Everyone is waiting for it to arrive. But as a woman you are just as much worried as you are excited.And the reason is quite obvious. The cold winters can take a toll on your beauty in spite of all your efforts to tackle them and look your best.

So, to get you all prepped up for the winters we have come up with a list of beauty tips that will help you look your best even on those coldest of winter days. Here is the list.

Moisturize regularly

The number one problem you will face during the winters is dry skin. Hence, it very important to keep your skin moisturized. A moisturizer will help you do this but while selecting a moisturizer, make sure you go for an oil-based ointment. So, why not a water-based moisturizer? The reason is quite simple. The oil will help create a protective layer that will help your skin retain more moisture.

Also, in order to differentiate between the two, make sure you read the label. The one which will have water listed on top as an ingredient will be a water based lubricant, while an oil based lubricant will have some oil at the top.

This simple tip could do wonders to your skin care regimen during the winters. If you wish to learn more about beauty and become a beauty professional, then joining a beauty course at an Institute of Beauty is a good idea.

Milk it up

Milk contains lactic acid and that is why it is your friend when it comes to skin care. Lactic acid helps remove the dead skin cells. You just have to simply take some milk in your palm and massage it into your face. If you have a sensitive skin, adding aloe-vera to the milk can do wonders for you. And if you are trying to treat dry skin, add whipped egg to the milk. You can even add milk to your bath water for head to toe nourishment.

Avoid excessive scrubbing

Scrubbing is an important part of every beauty regimen. But during the winter months you need to be careful. Too much scrubbing can lead to abrasion and you don’t want that. It can also add to the dryness of your skin. So it is wise to reduce the frequency of your scrub during this period.

Do you want to learn the other aspects of a successful beauty care regimen? Do you want to guide others with the same? A diploma course from a Vocational beauty Academy will help you learn this and much more.

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Cut down on salts and Increase water intake

Salt is a vital component when it comes to food preparation. But you need to ensure that you are not overdoing it, as excessive intake of salt can lead to dehydration. And you know very well, how badly dehydration can impact your skin. For that same reason, it is vital that you also keep yourself hydrated by adequate water consumption.

Start early with lip care

Every girl knows this. Winters do take a toll on the entire body but lips face the maximum brunt. So, start early. Don’t wait for the cold to reach its maximum and your lips to get chapped. Rather start moisturizing your lips even before the winter season begins. Select any good lip balm of your choice and apply it on your lips regularly. Be proactive and start taking these actions before the winter sets in. By doing this you won’t just look beautiful but will also be able to enjoy the cold weather more.

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