Beauty Tips & Training To Make You Look Younger and Professional

Date: August 10, 2019

Beauty Tips & Training

Do you ever wonder how some women defy ageing and look upbeat and well-maintained all the time? You must be thinking that it’s all the magic of frequent trips to the beauty salon or at least an hour of morning beauty regime, both of which looks impractical to you given your work schedule. Well, the good news is that to maintain your beauty and looks, it doesn’t take much time if the right beauty techniques are followed religiously on a daily basis. At Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, Jaipur we’ve witnessed that women who follow something as basic as a CTM regime, regular manicure and pedicure look younger than their age and professionally impressive at work. Here are five beauty tips that every woman can follow to make a big difference in the way she looks:

1. Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing

CTM aka Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing can be done anytime, however, it must be religiously followed every night before you call the day off. A regular CTM ritual ensures that you don’t sleep with the makeup on, or dust particles or impurities you’ve caught during the day, plus applying a toner by gently patting with a cotton ball tightens pores while finishing up with a moisturizing agent or hydrating serum repairs your skin from deep within while you sleep. Regular CTM also helps control acne breakouts, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads, while improving skin complexion and texture.

2. Upward Movement

The right way to gently massage your facial skin and neck is to make upward movements that can be a mix of soft upward strokes or circular motions where you put the pressure while going up and release it as you come down. Gently massaging your skin everyday activates lymph movement and boosts blood circulation which brings that much desired blush naturally and keeps facial swelling and inflammation at bay. Furthermore, regular facial massage make wrinkles and fine lines your distant relatives.

3. Your Eyes

When it comes to beauty, puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, and crow feet are the biggest enemies of the fair sex. On the other hand, a daily eye massage of just 30 seconds to 1 minute is all you need to steer clear of these beauty woes that make you look older than you actually are.

4. Minimalistic Yet Powerful Makeup

A working woman finds it nearly impossible to wear heaps of makeup every day, however, she wants to look great too. Ideally one should not apply too many cosmetics and let the skin breathe. Thereby, there are minimal makeup hacks that highlight your looks yet doesn’t hinder your skincare. For instance, filled brows instantly smarten your look, similarly a dash of kajal or eyeliner adds spark to your face and so does a nude lip gloss.

5. Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

Lastly, your skin is probably the first organ of your body to react to good or bad eating habits. Incorporating foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet besides consuming green leafy vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits can work wonders for your skin. When it comes to hydration, make sure you are neither over-hydrated nor dehydrated. Hydrate your body with different sources like coconut water, lemon water, fresh buttermilk, etc apart from purified water. Cut down on added sugars, junk food and sugary beverages to age gracefully and look younger than your peers.

At Orane Beauty Institute in Jaipur we firmly believe that every woman who’s nearing her thirties or getting married soon, must enroll for a fifteen-days personal grooming course i.e. Certificate in Self Grooming to up and own her beauty game. During your course, you will come across a lot of beauty tips besides professional training in self CTM, self-threading, self-bleach, self-waxing, skin care/hair care, self-facial, self-manicure, self-pedicure as well as self-hair style, self-make up, and saree draping in five different styles. This is a learning for life and will help you to stay beautiful as you are in your twenties or you used to be.

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