Become a Nail Artist or Learn Nail Art from Orane Beauty Institute Malad

Date: April 6, 2020

Nail Art has lent a fantasizing aspect to nails. Nails are no more just your fingertips to apply nail paint on, rather they’ve become means of accessorising hands and adding glamour to your whole look. From teenagers to women in their sixties, from professionals to celebrities, Nail Art has caught the attention of the fair sex, from all walks of life. Nail Artists have a penchant to keep up with international nail art trends flaunted by noteworthy figures. If you too happen to be a Nail Art fan, then joining Orane’s diploma in nail art and extension in Malad, Mumbai can spur your evolution as a nail artist.

Trainees are introduced to the concept of Nail Art with detailed lessons on characters, brush work, accessory use, glitter work, needle work, foil work, marble work and sponge work. Students are made familiar with types of nail shapes, nail polish use and acrylic color. Besides, in-depth training of acrylic and gel extensions covering clear job, French tip, refilling and removal techniques. The course duration is just one month and you will be ready to kickstart your work as a nail artist.

Those who want to become nail technicians by learning the advanced techniques need to invest two months for diploma in nail technician at Orane International, Malad. The course covers all the topics included above in diploma in nail art and extension, besides learning pro-level gel and acrylic extensions, Gelicure, inbuilt art with Femocane, Dry flowers, Rhime stones; 3D nail art, Sculptures and working with the drill machine.

Nail Artists aspiring to get certification in 3D Nail Art, Acrylic Extension or Gel Extension can enroll in 15-days short term courses from Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness in Malad, Mumbai. These short term courses cover the specified topic in detail and gives you hands-on expertise.

With these certifications and diplomas in hand, you can get recruited at top beauty salons or even start your own a Nail Bar in the Mumbai city or freelance wherever you Go! Call 088725 00500 Now or fill the Contact Us form to book an appointment today and take your nail artistry to Pro-Level!

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