Best Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Date: April 6, 2020

Every girl wants to look her best at every moment! At parties, events, or maybe just at work! Yet, along with looking pretty, it’s also important to update your wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Following the trends will help you stay stylish throughout the season and wow everyone with your fresh fashion sense.

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We know that the ever-changing fashion trends make it a little difficult to keep track of what’s going on in the global fashion industry. So we’ve done some groundwork, and gone backstage to pick up some hot trends from the runways just for you. Check them out!

Monochromatic makeup

Experience the ease of monochrome makeup this year. Forget all about using multiple colours for eyes,face, lips, nails, etc. Instead, match your eyes and lips in the same colour for a fab look. Make it pop with bold colours like fuchsia, wine and burgundy on your eyelids and lips, while keeping the rest of the skin clean and bare. Try this monochromatic daring trend for a striking makeup effect.

Bringing the Eighties back

The disco decade is back! We loved the 80s and are super happy to see it make a big impression on the runway shows for 2017. Retro throwbacks will surely make their stamp this coming year. 2017 shows were all about side swept curls, metallic eye make-up, and even coloured dreadlocks! Dig out your crimper and indulge in the rave culture to get this fun 80s comeback look.

Braids never go out of fashion

We are so obsessed with our braids! Skinny braids and fairy-tale length braids both will be super stylish this year. So don’t worry about the length or thickness of your hair, you can work just right with what you have. You can take your pick from feminine, romantic styles, or boyish plaited buns. Tight braids,massaged with styling cream or gel, are quite popular and will be so in the coming year.

Wet, wet, wet

Everything looks like it has a lovely glow. Gloss on eyelids, on lips and hair. Tubes of gel to slick the hair back, and lots of matte colours for that special wet effect. Use a lot of everything to achieve that mirror like shine and to get the perfect sheen.


Dazzle with shimmer

You’ll literally shine with this trend. Subtle glitter influences stood out on the runway. Be it glitter lips or shimmery eyes, sparkle is something that makes a wonderful statement in any outfit. Paired with bright eye shadow, rose blush and matte coloured lipsticks, it will stand out even better. And who can forget glitter on nails! Now it’s even about glitter on nail cuticles for a pretty jewellery-style effect.

Go deep with parts

Deep parts mean business! Ditch the pretty-girl middle parts and embrace a serious low part that makes a strong impression. It gives an authoritative look and will surely reign this coming year. Girls can rock this style both left and right, and try several different versions to see which one suits best.

So, now that you know which are the trends that you must look forward to in your 2017, share the knowledge with your friends and family to show off your beauty expertise. Also, if you want to acquire professional training to learn more about beauty, makeup and cosmetics, take up a course at Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

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