Best Bridal Makeup Ideas of 2019

Date: November 23, 2019

Bridal Makeup Ideas

Big fat Indian weddings are all about grandeur and glamour. Whether it is the event or the styling of the bride and groom, everything exudes visual richness. But most importantly, it is the bride who steals the show with her looks. Besides her gorgeous ensemble, the bride also needs to look on point with her makeup. And only an expert Make-up Artist can do it.

We bring you the top four bridal looks trending this year.

‘No makeup’ look
Today, brides are inclining towards a more au naturel look by keeping it minimal but significant enough. It uses nude and other pastel shades with minimal makeup to give a natural yet flawless glow. Though simple, the minimalist look requires some prepping. You need to keep your skin healthy and naturally radiant by moisturizing and scrubbing. Also, use under-eye gels months prior, to keep the puffy eyes and dark circles at bay.

The Modern look
The modern-day bride is all about being bold and beautiful, which comes out best in this look. It focuses on bold eye makeup and prominent lip colour, while the rest of the makeup can be easy, thus balancing out the boldness. This look is quite universal and works for all events from cocktail parties, reception, and even for the big day.

Luminous Matte-Finish look
The dewy look is not limited to your social events or special occasions but can also become ‘the look’ of your life. A combination of a glossy and matte finish, it makes your skin look natural yet flawless. It uses particular products like a glowing primer used on a matte foundation base. When done right, it gives a painting-like look.

Shimmery look
This subtle metallic look is quite in vogue today. It uses glitter eye shadows and a touch of shimmery blush and highlighter, to give a dramatic effect, but quite understated. There was a time when bridal makeup would be all about the prominence of colours on her face, making her stand out from the rest. But not so much anymore. If you are on your way to becoming a bride-to-be soon, these ideas might help you achieve the look that you want to achieve, without all the drama.

These were some of the makeup looks you can choose from but more important than this is to find an Experienced Makeup Artist having formal education who can convert your choice into reality with her magic wand.

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