7 Travel Skin Care Tips: Your on the Go Guide

Date: February 18, 2022

travel skin care

When you are travelling, your skincare routine often becomes a road that is less taken. Always on your toes, you are baffled and amazed by the constant change of experience, that even thinking about your skin becomes secondary to you.

Being carefree and a free bird is all cool until it shows on your skin when you get back home. The bright sunlight, harsh winds, dust, change of food, water and climate, all take a toll on your body. It often makes one wonder, how do I take care of my skin when travelling?

Remember, healthy and clear skin can not be achieved in a day. It is a journey of thousand miles that begins with taking good care of yourself each day even while travelling. So, if you don’t want a vacation to be the one thing that knocks you off your game, here are 7 travel skin care tips you must follow when you are on the go.


1. Hydration is the key!

3-4 litres of water a day will keep the toxins always!

No matter where you are or how cold it is, always keep your water bottle filled with drinking water. Because water is your best solution for hydrated and healthy skin.

2. A good sunscreen should be your best friend.

Regardless of the season and where you are travelling, invest in a good sunscreen that suits your skin type. Extensive sun exposure contributes to premature ageing. Sunblock will protect you from the damaging effects of UV rays and make your travel beauty routine much easier.

3. Moisturize. Always!

One of the best travel skin care tips that one can give you is to always keep your moisturizer handy. You can fight the dry air or the lack of fresh air with a nourishing moisturizer or facial oil and bolster the effects with a muscle-awakening facial massage. This will help you fight dehydration of the skin and oxidative stress while smoothing fine lines, leaving your skin glowing.

4. Your skin is what you eat.

The best defence is a good offence. For healthy, and beautiful skin, fuel yourself with nutrition mostly through your food and if needed take your extra dose of multivitamins. Avoid nutrition-deficient, super oily and salty processed snacks that have nothing to offer other than toxins to your body.

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5. Never forget to cleanse and tone.

No matter how tired you are, or how cold it is, never-ever ditch cleansing your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type. Top it up with a toner to soothe your skin. This beauty ritual makes sure your skin is devoid of dirt, pollution, and impurities. Clean skin is healthy skin.

6. Pack some sheet masks.

An excellent alternative for the serums and special creams, sheet masks, unlike them, don’t take much space in your luggage and would be extremely helpful to provide that extra touch of care to your skin.

7. Love your skin but don’t touch your skin that often.

We are used to touching our faces way too much. But while travelling it should be a serious no-no, until we wash or sanitize our hands. Dust and unknown microorganisms that accumulated on our hands, when rubbed on the face may lead to breakouts, which of course nobody wants to deal with.

Your good skin is in your hands. We hope these tips and tricks will make your life slightly better. Love your body, understand your skin, likewise, choose the best available option for you

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