Bridal Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on Your D-Day

Date: September 19, 2019

Bridal Makeup

A wedding day is special and memorable and every bride-to-be wants to look her best and like a princess on her wedding day. The right hairstyle and makeup do a lot to ensure that she looks like one. But mistakes happen, and on your special day makeup fails can spoil the mood.To make sure that your bridal look is on point and exclusive, avoid the following common bridal makeup mistakes:

Using Fingers

Always use brushes to dab and dust, instead of smudging them with your fingers. A professional makeup artist will use a brush or sponge or airbrush to get the base right. It is recommendable to use specific brushes for eyeshadow, foundation, primer, concealer, and lipstick, particularly if you are using liquid/cream-based makeup. It will be easier and well-defined.

Makeup on Dry Skin

Dry skin can make your makeup turn flaky and grainy. Always keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and keeping it well-moisturized from days leading to your big day.

Wearing the Wrong Foundation

Never pick a foundation randomly (or online). It’s your special day, so choose a shade which is closest to your skin tone. This is the most important part of your bridal makeup, and a wrong shade can lead to an undesirable look altogether. Also, buy your foundation much earlier and do a test run, so, in case you need to change the shade, you have enough time.

Using Water-Based Makeup

This is one of the most innocent mistakes people make. Humidity, sweat, emotional moments, etc. tend to liquefy water-based makeup, which can ruin your look. Always make sure that you use waterproof makeup and powder-based, matte products, especially if your wedding is planned for summer or monsoon.

Rush-Hour Makeup

Doing last-minute makeup can be disastrous. Always pace it well and keep enough time on hand to let your makeup set on your skin. You must have enough time to fix any glitches, if they happen.

Most importantly, seek the help of a bridal makeup professional, so you can sit back and absorb the moments of your big day while s/he creates magic with his Professional Bridal Makeup Skills!

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