CLIENTS’ BEWARE : Do(s) & Don’t(s) for next Salon Visit During COVID Threat

Date: April 23, 2020

COVID Threat

The Corona Virus has turned the entire world upside down, every human contact is being refrained from, social distancing is the most trending keyword now a days. However, self-grooming is almost as important as fooding and staying healthy is. As a responsible player of Beauty and Wellness industry, Orane is sharing the following mentioned points which you should keep in mind while visiting or availing at home Salon services.

Don’t(s) :

1. Do not visit a Salon if you are allergic to dust or specific type of odour.
2. Do not visit the salon during or immediately after health issues.
3. Do not visit a Salon if having symptoms of flu.
4. Do not touch any furniture or surface inside the Salon including main door handle without using a pair of fresh gloves.
5. Do not add services other than what is pre booked.
6. Do not get angry if Salon staff refuses you a service demanded.
7. Do not visit a salon with your family members or friends.
8. Avoid handshakes, hugs and other non-essential physical contact.

Do(s) :

1. Do pre-book an appointment before visiting a salon.
2. Do carry a fresh set of disposable gloves.
3. Do carry a fresh set of face masks in addition to the one used while driving to the Salon.
4. Wear disposable gloves just before entering the Salon.
5. Replace the face mask with the new one before entering the Salon.
6. Discuss your Service requirements before visiting the Salon.
7. Limit yourself to one service per visit to lower your stay time a salon.
8. Do carry your own clean set of towels for use.
9. Ensure Instruments to be used for you are taken out from steriliser in your presence.
10. Ask for hygiene standards followed before confirming your booking.
11. Request home delivery of products to be purchased from a Salon.

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