Cosmetology Courses To Explore Your Career As A Professional Cosmetologist

Date: August 28, 2019

Cosmetology Courses

Cosmetologist is a beauty expert that enhances the cosmetic beauty of skin, hair, body and nails. At Orane Beauty Institute in Phagwara, Punjab, we offer various beginner and advanced level courses in cosmetology that can help you become a professional cosmetologist. Career opportunities for certified cosmetologists are always plentiful and you may choose to work at derma clinics, top notch beauty salons, spa and rejuvenation centers in hotels and so on. The demand for professional cosmetologists is high in India as well as abroad.

To get you started with the best certificate course or diploma in cosmetology let us take you through various courses available at Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness. With the help of skills you will acquire during these courses you can start your career as a professional cosmetologist in no time and attain financial freedom. Let’s delve:

  1. Diploma in Cosmetology

A Diploma in Cosmetology at Orane Beauty Institute in Phagwara is the best cosmetology course to choose if you are a fresher and just taking baby steps in the world of beauty and wellness. This diploma course in cosmetology is of eight months duration, during which you’ll gain level I and level II expertise in basic beauty therapies, haircuts, hairstyles, hair coloring techniques, etc. You’ll also learn various types of makeup including corrective makeup, day dew natural look / glossy look, day party / evening look, engagement / shagun look, reception look, Indian ethnic bridal look day/ night and groom makeup.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology

The Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology is an eight months course and lays more emphasis on beauty and hair. Besides the basics in level I and level II, you will acquire advanced level iii skills in beauty therapies like galvanic facials using disincrustation and ionization, vacuum suction & infra-red lamp therapy, high frequency – direct & indirect therapy, faradic + thermo herb facials, ultrasonic therapy, glycolic chemical peels as well as tri chloro-acetic acid chemical peels. Similarly, for haircare you will learn level III treatments like professional deep conditioning, cosmetic professional hair treatments and hair spa. The haircuts and hair coloring techniques of advanced level III will be covered in the advanced diploma in cosmetology. And as far as makeup is concerned, you will be taught how to do day and evening self-makeup.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics &Hair Designs

The Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics & Hair Designs is a one year course that covers basic to advanced levels I to III of beauty therapies and hair. Besides you will learn level I and II of makeup, and level I of nail art. You will also learn mehndi application as well as body massage. The course is perfect for those who aims to work as aestheticians, cosmetologist, hair stylists, makeup artists, or masters of all trades.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology

The PGDC aka Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology is a thorough one year six months course that covers basic to advanced i.e. level I to level III skills in beauty, hair, makeup and nail art. You will gain expertise in professional body and spa therapies. You will also be taught mehndi application during this detailed cosmetology course. Besides, your soft skills will be groomed to develop a professional image which is quintessential in the world of cosmetology. Client Record and Analyzing Sheets
Salon Management

  1. Masters in Cosmetology

The Masters in Cosmetology course at Orane Beauty Institute in Phagwara comes complete with beauty therapy – level I to level III of beauty therapies, level I to level IV of Hair designing and makeup. Level I of nail art and level III & IV of nail extensions. Besides, mehndi application as well as level III body and spa therapy.

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