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Date: April 6, 2020

Do you want to wear Padmavati Look on this festive season? Deepika Padukone has won million of hearts with her performance as ‘Mastani’in popular Hindi movie BajiraoMastani. She was looking super gorgeous and played the character very well. Her upcoming new movie ‘Padmavati’is gaining a lot of popularity. In Padmavati, she is looking really superb or queen of the beauty. Her Padmavati Look is getting more popular among youth and topic of discussion all around. Since her initial days of career, she came with a different look and different styles, which have established herself as the most stylish beauty icon in the film industry…

Give your skin a flawless finish that sits weightlessly on your skin. Now blend it with perfection on your visage.  Dust the darkest shade of some good company Highlighter below the apple of your cheeks and use your fingertips very smoothly. Now take a lighter shade towards your eyes, brows and above cheekbones. Interested to learn more techniques to radiant your skin, register yourself for our beauty course.

Eye Makeup

Her eerie eyes make her more beautiful especially the way she applied a winged eyeliner. To get this done, take some good quality eyeliner with a steady hand and stroke it towards the lash line. Sketch it outwards from the wing. For full brow look, you can use the short strokes of the eye-conic Kajal.


Light shades are always in demand. Try some darker shade to get a feel of royal.   For this look, take a deeper royal shade with natural shimmers and just apply it perfectly all around your lips.


Her hairstyle makes this look very elegant and perfect choice for the Indian festival season. Tied up a lower bun at the back of your head and make two sections at the front side. Twist them tightly and join them near the bun. To learn super and elegant buns, please register yourself with our hair specialists course.

So, get ready to look beautiful with Deepika style or “Rani Padmavati look” on this festive season. You can learn more tricks by doing a specialization with Orane. Beauty and wellness sector has a lot of career prospects now-a-day. Even our government is taking the initiative to increase the skill education.

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