Didn’t Get Admission in Your Dream College? Opt for Your Plan-B and Be More Successful

Date: April 6, 2020

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Congratulations to all those who got an admission in their dream college but don’t worry for all those whose name is still placed on the waiting list or denied outright. It is obvious that you may feel a bit dejected but it’s not the end. Probably, a far better opportunity is waiting for you.

Getting spurned from one place is a simple fact of life and always you can give a new kickstart to your career. Life always gives a chance to choose plan-B like Sonia Choudhary. Initially, she wanted to become an air hostess. But after becoming a victim of acid attack, she lost her beauty. However, she didn’t lose her confidence and chose the beauty arena for her career. She enjoys to make others beautiful. Now, she is a successful beauty artist.

There Are Many Different Paths to Success

There are many other sectors where you can build your career. Beauty and wellness is one of the fastest growing industries to build your career. Moreover, it is recognised by Government of India to promote skill education.

Now-a-days beauty is not limited to just self-makeup, personal grooming including hair care, waxing, Manicures and Pedicures. But it has taken itself to another level where it includes Spas, Massages, Skin Treatment/ Hair Treatments, Cosmetology etc.

Career Opportunities in Beauty and Wellness Industry

If you love colours and can create magic with colours then must put your imagination to paint a face. Be a fashion or make-up artist. Bring your passion into the world of art, fashion, TV, and Film as these industries always needed a skilled makeup artist to work on famous faces.

Do you go crazy to see the beautiful hair? Then you should start your career as Hair Stylist or Hair Colorist i.e. most sought career. A beautifully styled hair can transform your complete look. A hair stylist or colourist not just cut the hair, in fact, put his mathematics and science to prepare a right precision that matches to your skin tone and face cut.

Have you ever looked at sculpting? Then, you should sculpt a body. Be a dietician or nutritionist to plan a nutritious diet.  You may be amazed to know that famous celebrities and sportsperson always consult a good dietician to sculpt their body according to their role.

If you ever want to help stressed people then why not choose a Spa Massage Therapy as your career. Be a manicurist, pedicurist, facial artist, a masseuse/massage therapist or simply an aroma therapist who can pamper the really stressed people to get some relaxing and stress-free moments.

Finally, if you ever thought to start your own business then start your career as a Salon or Spa owner/manager. Along with full control, high responsibility, you have the opportunity to earn a handsome amount.

Isn’t it looking exciting? Then what are you thinking and why take stress? Simply, turn your skills into your career. And in all these, Orane helps you to build your career in Beauty arena. We also give you an opportunity to start your own salon by taking a franchise with us.

At last, be proud what you are and love what you do. Build new ways if one door gets closed. Just keep enhancing your skills. Who knows you would be the next makeup artist of any big celebrity of the country?

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