Dinesh Kumar Sood – Entrepreneur, Actor, Culture & Skill Promoter

Date: April 6, 2020

Entrepreneurship is a Viable Career Option

Dinesh Kumar Sood

Careers for most young people in India seem to be defined by just one word, “jobs”.

For a country with possibly the highest number of millennial’s worldwide, many of them young women with a tremendous urge to do something truly meaningful with their lives, just imagine the possibilities if the boundless energies and enthusiasm of even a fraction of these young people could be directed towards entrepreneurship.

India would become a very different country from what is now. It could emerge as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, and, also, a standout example of how businesses driven by a social conscience can enable a nation to attain the highest levels on all parameters of social and economic development.

Today’s youth want to do something with their lives, become masters of their own destinies, and act as change-agents in society. All that they need is a little inspiration to ignite that spark which already exists in them to truly become what they want to and achieve their highest potential.

As a society, we can do this by freeing our youth of this wrong notion that self-employment/entrepreneurship is only meant for those who could not find salaried employment of their choice. Or that venturing out independently is just a temporary substitute for filling the time till one finds a “secure job in a good company”.

For there is no better way than entrepreneurship to create something worthwhile that would benefit people across the board and improve the way we live. Let us never forget that many of the things which we now take for granted have only been made possible by the efforts of pioneering entrepreneurs who tried to make a difference by refusing to accept the status quo.

Promoting the entrepreneurial culture could also have a ripple effect on the employment challenge we are faced with today. A bustling entrepreneurship ecosystem creates the environment which leads to demand for manpower, and consequently, jobs for people.

Entrepreneurship is also not completely a self-sacrificing pursuit. Many successful entrepreneurs end up making big money, with added bonuses in the form of being able to work on their own terms and for as long as they choose to (since an entrepreneur gets to set his own retirement age).

The Orane edge

The best part of the Indian Rupees 1 lakh crore beauty and wellness sector, growing at upwards of 15% year-on-year, is that it affords tremendous scope for self-employment and entrepreneurship. Even for those lacking high academic degrees or are drop-outs.

Because in the beauty and wellness domain, more than your formal academic credentials, it is the skills you acquire through undergoing quality training at acclaimed institutes such as the Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, to become a Beauty Therapist, Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, etc., that determines your altitude in life.

If you become supremely adept in any of these areas, and can back that technical skill with managerial expertise, you can very soon start your very own salons and spas, or even become an independent beauty sector consultant to companies earning a lot of money. Many ex-students of Orane have already successfully embarked on careers in entrepreneurship/self-employment in the beauty and wellness sector both within India and overseas.

So, if you feel you have it in you to become an entrepreneur, make the necessary prior plans and preparations, and jump right in, without any accompanied baggage in the form of fears of failure. At Orane, we will be only too glad to help make your dreams come true.

(The author is Co-Founder & CEO of Orane International). 

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