Don’t have a degree? Worry not! Build a better career in the beauty and wellness industry

Date: April 6, 2020


‘Still looking for a job’

This is the common status of many fresh graduates in India these days. Strange, isn’t it? The country is making progress for sure. There is definitely no shortage of job opportunities. So how come a vast majority of young pass-outs end up without a job?

Yes, there are enough opportunities. But there is also a common thinking that earning a college degree is the only path towards career building. Many think that a technical degree gives a student access to all the job opportunities available out there. But, this is far from the truth!

We overlook an important aspect. These growing opportunities are diverse in nature. And they are spread across various domains including the ones like beauty and wellness. But there is a public belief that such skills are not enough to earn a living. And we are glad to say that this is a false belief.  The ever increasing count of cosmetology institutes is the biggest proof against this myth. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Everyone needs to look good and feel good

Over the past centuries, Indian people have been well-known for using home remedies for a majority of their problems. And there was a time when people tried to enhance their beauty through such home-made techniques and remedies. But that mindset has changed drastically. Today, people want expert treatment for their faces and bodies. In India, people also have a rising consciousness towards the way they look. These factors have led to a growing demand for professionals in the beauty industry.

Unlike popular belief, this demand is not just generated by the female population. It is quite natural that today even men are equally inclined towards looking their best. Another interesting factor is the rise of specializations in the beauty industry. Gone are the days when a single lady from the beauty parlor handled a variety of tasks from hair styling to skin treatment. Today, people are looking for certified specialists to help them with their varied beauty needs.

Why a career in the beauty industry?

Globally, the beauty industry is growing at a rate of 12%. In India, however the growth much more substantial at 19% per annum. With such a growing demand, a career in this thriving industry could well be your calling for a prosperous life. We have listed below four reasons why you should opt for a career in the beauty industry.

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Beauty will always be in demand

Who does not want to look good? From teenagers to ones that are in their twilight years, everyone does. And even decades down the line this won’t change. So, by becoming a beauty professional you have a chance to work in an industry which will always be thriving.

Wide scope

To make someone beautiful there is a host of changes that need to be made. This results in the variety of specializations in the beauty industry for you to choose from. Be it hair care and styling or even makeup, every specialization requires dedicated study to be mastered and have ample opportunities.

Personal business

Yes, you can work for some business but you would never be restricted to it. As a beauty professional you are never far away from starting your own personal business. And with the large number of opportunities available, chances of success are also higher. In fact, with a diploma course in hair designing you could start earning in as little as six months.

No shelf life

With a certificate course in cosmetology, you can go on and on. The traditional retirement that you will face with other careers does not kick in here. And as long as your skills are good, you will be in demand. You can even go to the next level by undergoing specific courses like diploma in Body Therapy and Certificate in Basic Spa.

So, if you have a flair for beauty and want to move away from the rat race of earning a degree, then undertaking a beauty training course would be a wise decision. This would not just mean financial independence but would also help you lead a fulfilling life, doing what you like to do.

Just like many Indian students have already done, if you too want to build a career in the beauty and wellness industry, do comment and let us know. We would love to help!

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