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Date: April 6, 2020

Are you confused about which career path to choose? Are you worried seeing the huge investment that you will have to make for certain courses? Are you scared of the number of years these courses might take for completion?

If yes, then you are not alone. In India, every year, a large number of students complete their schooling and are pushed into this competition of getting a degree. Some don’t manage to get into degree courses and waste years trying to do so. While there are others who get into these courses but don’t manage to find a job. And unfortunately, there are only a handful of students who manage to get a job after these degree courses.

The scenario is crystal clear. The conventional courses which used to work a few years back are no longer suitable to make a bright career. Hence, a smart way to handle your education and your career is by opting for in-demand vocational courses.

The thriving beauty and wellness sector

With the advent of social media, looking attractive has become more important than it ever was. Most of the professions these days require individuals to look their best. Hence, the beauty and wellness market is growing by the day and so is the demand for talented beauty professionals. It is no wonder that many young girls and boys are opting to become beauticians, hair stylists, cosmetologists etc. in order to have a bright career. If you too are planning to make a name for yourself in the beauty and wellness domain, then a Beauty Course is the fastest way to do that.

Beauty courses – A win in terms of both time and investment


Most of the degree courses require you to study for around 5-6 years after school in order to get a job. It is a really long time when you consider the fact that most people invest 12 years of their lives in schooling itself. But with a Beauty Course, you can get a job in just a few months time. And with an Advanced Beauty Course, you can become a beauty professional in close to a years time. Not just that, you can also avoid the massive study loan that you might have to take for a degree course. With these advanced beauty courses not costing a fortune, they are very affordable even for the common population.

The rise of beauty and wellness institutes

Now, as the youth are looking to work as beauty and wellness professionals, there is an increasing demand for beauty training. This has led to the rise of a number of cosmetology institutes that train students on a variety of beauty aspects from hair styling to body spa.

The trend is not just changing as far as the mindset of the students is concerned, but the government also is coming up with initiatives to encourage people to adopt skill development. With initiatives like PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana)and organizations like NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), the government has made its intentions of making India the skill capital of the world very clear.

This has also caused a number of private organizations to come forward and offer a variety of Beauty Courses to the masses. Orane, a chain of cosmetology institutes in the north of India, is one such organization that is looking to impart beauty and wellness skills to the youth of the country. Orane has both national and international accreditation, owing to which it generates a large number of top-class beauty and wellness professionals on a yearly basis. These professionals are capable of thriving not just in India but also in the international market.

If you also want to make it as a beauty professional, then an aAdvanced Beauty Course from Orane is the fastest and the most recommended way to go about building your dream career.

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