Expert Hair Care Tips for Winters

Date: December 3, 2019

Hair Care Tips

Flyaways, dry hair and flaky scalp are perhaps the classic three hair problems of winter. Lack of moisture in hair makes them brittle, and prone to split ends and breakage. Your hair needs more care and attention in the winter months. Consider the following five tips as shared by top hair experts and stylists, to take care of your crowning glory in the months ahead.

Do not wash daily

When the weather is dry, washing your hair every day will strip it off its natural moisture. And since it’s also dry outside, it will make your hair feel wiry. However, you still need to keep your hair and scalp clean, so find a washing interval that suits you.

Make a weekly massage compulsory

While an indulgent hot oil massage is recommended throughout the year, it becomes mandatory for the cold, dry months. Use rich oils like almond, olive, coconut, argan, or jojoba, warm them and massage deeply from roots through ends. Keep the oil on for a couple of hours before you wash it off.

Brush often 

In summers our skin secretes enough sebum to keep itself moisturized, which we miss in winters, especially on the scalp. That’s why many people, despite not having dandruff, suffer from a flaky scalp during the colder months. Brushing your hair at least twice or thrice a day will stimulate the glands and help release natural oils.

 Use oil-based leave-in products 

Leave-in conditioners, serums, etc are absolute go-to products for winter. However, most such products have alcohol and silicone in them, which makes your hair dry and wiry. Discover oil-based treatments, preferably oils of seeds, nuts, or flowers. Also, opt for creamy leave-in conditions instead of sprays. 

Avoid too much heat-based styling 

Unless you need to go out for that party or look sharp at a meeting, avoid using the flat iron, or even the blowdryer daily. If you must, use at the lowest setting and run it through. Always use a thermal-protective treatment before styling. 

Hair Spa

Hair spa is another haircare routine you must say yes to in winters. A Professionally Trained Hair Expert can suggest you the right products for a hair spa or hair treatments that can do wonders for your hair. This winter, let your hair speak volumes and stay healthy.

These were some of the Hair Care Tips for winter. You can always reach out to hair designers and professionals for advice and use it to have healthy hair. If you want to make a career in hairstyling you can join Orane International for the same.

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