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Date: April 6, 2020

Your body needs a complete care just like you do it for your face. Investing early in the health of complete body care routine with regular skin care will not only better protect it from the harsh effects of aging, but also keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the time. This autumn, let’s make a resolution to follow a complete body care routine just like you spend a portion of your morning and evening time for you face. From using facewash, facials, cleansing, scrubbing to apply night creams, you do everything to make your face glow.

Now it’s time for overall wellbeing of your body, which is just ignored by us for most of the time. Treat your body like a temple.  Don’t ignore your skin care and body care regime if you want to enjoy a healthy, glowing, age-free body. In this blog, we are discussing some points that will help you create a to-do list for daily routine to get smooth and forever glowing skin.


Just like faces, every body has different cleansing needs too. Choose a proper Soap/Gel, scrub, and cleansing oil that provides you comfort and can refine or revitalize your skin.


Moisture is the essence of wetness, which is the essence of beauty. Work towards this goal for your overall body wellbeing and beauty. Drink lots of water,mist your face and rehydrate your body. To rehydrate your body, you can use hydrating oil, body butter, body lotions. Take care to choose these products according to your skin type that can target your uneven skin tone, pigmentation and is 100% safe. Also, you should only use paraben free and sulfate free products.


Go beyond just face masks and pedicures. You yourself can make your 2.0 version by adopting some simple techniques and skin care regimen. For example – take a hot bath and add some bath salt in your water to feel well rested, relaxed and completely detox your body. After that you can use some clay packs, mask for your whole body to draw out all the gunk and get bright and deep cleaned skin.


If you’ve done all the steps above, congratulations! Now you are concerned for clean, well-adjusted and radiant body. And you will get it by following the above steps in a sequence, probably by weekly or twice a month based on your body requirements. However, the work is not yet complete here. You also need to protect your body from unwanted jerks. For that you can use hand/foot cream and sunscreens to protect it from harm UV rays.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and give your body a hand of skin therapist. Follow these skin and body care regimen in your daily routine. Do it yourself or go to salons, whatever is your choice but your body actually deserves it.

You also can be skin therapist for you and others if you want to make it a career. Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness helps you meet your dreams by getting trained from skilled trainers and providing diploma or certificates that are approved nationally or internationally. For more details, please fill out this form with your favourite course and our beauty counselors will call you back to answer your queries regarding that.

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