Follow These 5 Rules While Maintaining a Nutritious Diet!

Date: August 16, 2021

Your relationship with food is directly proportional to a lot of good things in your life. Over the past two years, Covid-19 had an adverse impact on the lives of many, however, food plays an essential role in recovering from the damages done by the disease. The good news is – just by eating right, you can manage to enhance your immunity and fight against this virus. To understand more about nutrition, we are discussing some essential nutrition tips and tricks that can help you to achieve a stronger immune system.

Let’s Begin!

Switch to Green Vegetables!


Leafy green veggies are a great source of nutrition. Make sure you and your family have a prominent amount of these to get the right amount of fibre and other vitamins and minerals.

Minimise the Use of Processed or Canned Food:

Canned Food

Yes, it is easy to work with ‘ready to eat’ food items as well as packaged food options. But it is a fact that nothing can take the place of homemade food. Canned foods have preservatives and lack the benefits of fresh homemade food any day.

Drink Water:

Drink Water

By staying hydrated, you can manage to divert a number of health problems. Keep sipping water from time to time throughout the day. If you find it difficult or forget to do so, setting an alarm for the same can help. To meet the daily quota of drinking water, try adding fruits and juices to your diet. You can pick healthier options like coconut water, Aloevera juice and more.

Make sure you have your Meals on Time!

Meals on Time

When it comes to having nutritious meals daily, it is quite common to lose track of time in your busy life. You can manage this by setting a particular interval to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is obvious that having your dinner at 11 pm or even after that is not a healthy habit to adopt.

Snack Right!


Your snack is something that acts as a bridge between your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It keeps you satisfied and full throughout the day. Having a junk item is easy but by switching it to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can enhance the nutrition level without doing much. For example, add a veggie sandwich or dry fruits to your diet.

Just like for a smooth-running car, good fuel is essential. Similarly, good and healthy food is required to ensure that both the body and mind stay fit, healthy and function smoothly.

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