From a Married Woman to Mrs. Delhi NCR, Here’s the Journey of Beautiful Contestants

Date: April 6, 2020

“Life always gives you a second chance, and there might be no bigger regret than passing on the chance to finally make your dreams come true…”

A perfect quote for all those who want to relive their dreams. Mrs. Delhi NCR is a platform for all married women who want to fulfill their dreams of winning the beauty title and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance, and integrity. With this message “Yes, you can also find out your best”, Mrs. Delhi NCR competition has reached its final stage. From 12th April 2018 to 14th April 2018 there will be the grooming session and on 15th April 2018, there would be a Grand Finale.

Although crown would be given to the only one contestant who will be the best throughout her journey, yet Mrs. Delhi NCR empower all contestants including those who are still confused about her dreams with self-confidence and a strong sense of belief in themselves. Orane International, a leading beauty and wellness institute in Asia feels proud to be associated with Mrs. Delhi NCR. You can watch our students grooming these beautiful contestants on our Facebook page.

Orane is a place where you can fulfill the dream of becoming a leading beauty or makeup artist. We do everything to bring them in front so that people can know them or infect the whole world can know them. We provide comprehensive training to our students based on internationally recognized beauty standards like CIBTAC & CIDESO so that they can make their career anywhere in the world.

Mrs. Delhi-NCR is such a great and prestigious platform for analyzing skills of Orane’s students. Before Mrs. Delhi-NCR, our students have shown their talent in Miss PTC Punjabi as well.

So, if beauty is your passion too and you are desperate to make your career in the beauty industry, join us. Call us at 8872500500 to speak with our beauty counsellors to guide you for your career in the beauty industry.

And, don’t miss the chance to watch our students on the grooming journey of beautiful contestants of Mrs. Delhi-NCR. For more updates on this, stay tuned to our Facebook Page.

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