Get CIDESCO and CIBTAC Certified to Live Your Dreams of Working Abroad!

Date: April 6, 2020


With the craze for beauty rising in the country like never before, a career build on the back of beauty and wellness courses is sure to bring you very decent earnings in India. Hence, it is no surprise that an increasing number of young girls and boys are opting for these courses from renowned beauty institutes all over the country. This has led to a new revolution where students are choosing vocational courses over the technical ones that had been in demand over the last few decades.

Yes, today, the demand for beauty and wellness professionals in India is very high. However, if your dreams are bigger and your wish to move abroad, then an advanced beauty training certification might well be the power booster that your career needs. Listed below are a few certification options that will convert your dreams into reality.


CIDESCO refers to Comite International D’esthetiques et de Cosmetology which is a Swiss based international standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy. Leading schools, colleges and beauty centers are tied up with CIDESCO in order to maintain highest standards of Beauty and Spa Therapy throughout the world. Students can gain CIDESCO certifications by passing the CIDESCO exams after successful completion of their courses at any CIDESCO accredited vocational college for beauty.


CIBTAC is UK based and it stands for Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. CIBTAC certifications are designed for individual therapists so that they can enhance their expertise in beauty therapy. These certifications range from Nail technology to Spa diplomas and holistic therapies to various massage diplomas.

Open new doors

Both CIDESCO and CIBTAC are renowned all over the world as the most prestigious certifications among all the beauty courses available. These are acknowledged in more than 33 countries and a beauty and wellness professional certified by CIDESCO or CIBTAC has an upper hand when it comes to practicing successfully in a foreign country both in terms in opportunities and skills.

However, these certifications do much more than just opening up for you an array of opportunities abroad. Apart from giving you world-class beauty and wellness qualification, these also mold you as a person. You become more focused with increased levels of confidence and a holistic outlook towards both your life and the work that you do.

Orane, a CIDESCO and CIBTAC accredited Cosmetology Institute

In India, Orane leads the way when it comes to shaping careers and providing their students with the best opportunities. Be it a Certificate in Basic Beauty or an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology, every course at Orane shapes you into the professional that can display world class quality in his or her work. And as Orane is accredited by both CIDESCO and CIBTAC, you can plan these international certifications once you complete your course at the institute.

Gone are the days when only engineers moved abroad and reaped the benefits of better pay and lifestyle that the international jobs offered. With institutes like Orane coming to the fore, even vocational skills like cosmetology can help young Indians to realize their dreams of settling abroad and transforming their lives for the better.

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