Hair Color Trends That are Dominating 2019

Date: September 23, 2019

Hair Color

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is one of the secret desires of millennials. If you have been falling behind on what’s trending this year, here are a few hair color ideas that are taking the fashion world by storm!

Chestnut brown

Classic and timeless, browns will never go out of trend. The full-bodied chestnut shade is perfect to add a dimension to your dark brown or black hair. Try sleek highlights or go global for a more holistic look. The best thing about browns is that it is easier to maintain than other quirky colors.

Caramel Blonde

Almost tailor-made for the dark, Indian hair type, this is a cross between golden blonde and warm copper. It is perfect for highlights or ombre, or if you want to be bold, go all in!

Inky Black

If you have natural-black hair, this will only add more shine and body, giving your mane a rich, glossier look. For this shade, you would want to go global and make it look more natural.


Hail to the ‘pride’ and grab a rainbow! Also called Glitching, this technique renders a futuristic look. You can combine your favorite shades if you don’t want to go will the entire VIBGYOR, and try with a few strands on the underside, or on the hair tips, for an edgy look!

Ash Grey

Demure and sophisticated, this color adds a touch of mystery to your hairstyle. It looks best as an ombre on natural black hair, darkest on the roots and light towards the ends.


Globally trending since 2018, this subdued shade of purple has finally taken over. From celebrities to your girl/boy next door, lilac renders a unique look to your style. If you have a few grey strands, this is a great opportunity to make them stand out. Try an ombre for long hair or go with fine highlights.

Living Coral

Pantone’s Color of the year (2019), this subtle shade of coral is more muted than its striking predecessor of the last couple of years. On blonde hair, this will give a soft, orange-ish look. For darker hair, you’ll need to bleach to get the best shade.

While we are halfway through 2019, you can still catch up on these trends. So, get, set, and go coloring!

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