Hair Designing Course for All Round Hair Care at Orane Beauty Institute

Date: August 5, 2019

Hair Designing Course

A clean scalp, thick hair strands and dense mane is everyone’s wish, whether young girls and boys, or men and women. Hair have rightly been called the crowning glory as they naturally enhance the overall look and appearance of a person. As a hair designer, while your pro-hair designing skills in haircutting, hair coloring and  hairstyling do matter, your knowledge of haircare is also crucial to build a loyal clientbase. At Orane Beauty Institute in Sangrur, Punjab, our constant focus is not just on making our trainees superb hair designers, but also on imparting thorough know-how of all-round haircare.

The Diploma in Hair Designing course at Orane Beauty Institute in Sangrur introduces you to anatomy of hair and scalp, besides various types of hair disorders that degrade hair texture and hair health. Trainees are imparted thorough knowledge of maintaining hygiene, sanitation & sterilization and made aware of health, safety, hazards and risks involved in the day to day course of work.

The incredible Indian head massage is known for its calming effects and stressbusting capability while restoring the overall health of the person taking it from a professional hair expert. During your diploma in hair designing at Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, you will be practically guided how to rhythmically give Indian head massage to your clients and soothe tension in their head, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and face.

Various herbal treatments will be taught to you as a section of the modern society is drawn towards organic and herbal hair treatments that promise holistic haircare without exposing them to harsh chemicals.

You will also learn professional deep conditioning and cosmetic hair treatments to address common hair woes like hair loss and dandruff. No one likes a well dressed and groomed look that’s marred by falling hair strands or dandruff flakes on shoulders. However, you can become the saviour for your clients by treating their hair loss and dandruff issues professionally.

Lastly, hair spa has become an integral part of haircare routines of health and fashion conscious generation. At Orane Beauty Institute in Sangrur, you will be trained on hair spa techniques using the latest haircare products and in-demand procedures.

And if you thought that Diploma in Hair Designing is just about haircare, let us tell you that this course is comprehensive and covers over 25 trending haircuts, over 30 hairstyles comprising of braids, hair buns, front and loose hairstyles, as well as professional thermal styling, straightening and hair coloring techniques.

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