Hair, Skincare and Beauty Tips for the Summer Bride

Date: April 6, 2020

Summer marriage season is at its peak. Generally, summer marriages are not as much fun as winter marriages. Because of the scorching heat every bride-to-be gets tensed for her look, skin and hair for her big day. So we’ve collected some hair, skincare and beauty tips that will help a summer bride look glamorous and gorgeous on her big day.

Check out the top beauty tips from famous beauty experts of the industry:

Beauty and Skin Care Tips from Leading Beauty Industry people:

  • This summer try a nude glamorous look! Keep your cheeks and forehead clean and dewy. Use a light hydrating mousse foundation and highlighter, and add some vibrant colours to your eyes using an eyeshadow palette and lips using an argan oil enriched lip colour. Argan oil has the ultimate power to nourish your lips along with intense pigmentation. It gives a creamy soft texture that delivers a smooth and silky finish.
  • Try some professional techniques like colour blocking to give your eyes a pop of colour & get that bold look. All beautiful brides can sport this look by giving their eye a pop of colour using a vibrant eyeshadow palette and flaunt an elegant bridal look.
  • Summers can be harsh on your skin and last-minute breakouts, darkening and dullness can stress out any bride-to-be. The best solution to overcome all such issues is using natural ingredient products like aloe aqua gel before applying any skin or makeup product. It will not only provide soothing to your skin but will give you a cooling effect. Also, it acts like a primer to even out the surface.
  • Outdoor functions in colourful décor are dream-come-true for all brides. However, make sure to give your skin the necessary amount of SPF to protect it from harmful sun rays. Opt for a light matte sun gel or a matte sun lotion.

Haircare Tips from Industry Experts In Hair Designing:

  • Hairstyle at such events!
  • The best way to escape the heat is to opt for delicate braids done up with hair décor accessories whether it is a simple flower, especially for a mehendi function.
  • For reception and other small functions you can turn to an easy low bun that will help you keep it simple and classic
  • You can never go wrong with a stylish ponytail. Pin two bobby pins on you rubber band below your ponytail as it will give it an extra lift. This is perfect for a sangeet or a cocktail function.

Now you have the tips from the experts so why get tensed! Get ready to make your day more beautiful just like your dreams. To get professional advice for your wedding day or to learn the basics for and after your marriage, contact us for basic beauty courses at Orane International School, a leading chain of beauty and wellness schools. Recently, our students did makeup of the participants of MRS. Delhi-NCR Contestants. If you too want to learn such skills, fill out the form and we will call you back.

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