Hair tattooing. All you need to know

Date: August 3, 2022

Hair tattooing is a new and emerging trend that is gaining popularity among people who are looking for a way to personalize their looks. But this process is a needle free & painless trend. This type of tattooing isn’t done by using a tattoo machine but with trimmers, scissors and razors. It has a variety of different meanings and can be used to express your personality or show off your style.

If you are interested in having a hair tattoo by the best salon of hair and makeup, it is important to understand the process and what to expect.

What is Hair Tattooing?

A hair tattoo is a shaved pattern that is put into undercut haircuts. It’s a perfect alternative to inked head tattoos. Also, it looks excellent with any length of hair! It might be geometric, flower-themed, or even a realistic picture. This may be done using a variety of methods, the most commonly being razors or edging clippers.

Styles to Adopt

Hair tattooing may be done in a variety of patterns, with the customer’s preference being an undercut or sidecut. If you are considering altering your hairdo, you should go ahead with this blog.

Triangle undercut hair bun style

Here is your new triangular undercut bun, and you will surely get kudos when you get done with this.

Sleek buzz under and side cut hair

This hairstyle can be worn by women, and also by men who are fond of man buns.

Two strand braid buzz cut

With a little frosting of sidecut, this funky kind of french braid will undoubtedly make you seem more stunning.

Flower spider web undercut

This style may suit those with braids; it may make a noticeable difference in your hairstyle and cause others to gaze with open mouths.

Scopes of Hair Tattooing

Hair tattooing is rapidly becoming a hot new fad. If you are fond of soccer, you might have noticed the fascination of players with their flattering haircuts as well as that of their fanbase. Some people have even begun to style their hair in the pattern of their favourite soccer player’s portrait.

People all across the world have begun to appreciate various types of hairstyles. Ensuing to this, the demand for professional hair styling specialists from the top academy of hair and makeup has been significantly bursting through glass ceilings.

You’ve probably been thinking about how to get into this field. It’s easy! Admission to a reputable beauty academy is essential. Orane International is eager to train you how to maintain a high level of safety, cleanliness, hair structure, and other hair-related skills.


Hair Designing can be a great career option as they can find placements in different sectors like television channels or films after gaining a substantial amount of work experience. Everyone requires the services of a professional hair stylist to stand out from the crowd, and it goes without saying that to become a professional hairdresser, one must enroll in an advanced certificate in pro hair design exclusively from Orane International Academy to sharpen their skills with adding professional nuance to the hair design approaches.

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