Have you been layering your skin care products in the correct order?

Date: April 6, 2020

Caring for your skin is essential to keep it healthy, glowing and free from pigmentation or sun damage. A lot of girls believe in slathering on a lot of beauty and skin products on their face; however that doesn’t yield effective results if applied incorrectly. In fact, wrong application of a skin care product can do more harm than good. Most of you know that, right?

The order of applying skin care products is more important than you think and ensures you reap maximum benefits from each of those products.

So which product should you apply first? What goes next? And there could be so many other questions that you girls might be curious about. We’ve decided to put an end to your confusion once and for all. Simply, follow this order and you can thank us later.

Cleanser: Start by cleaning the oil build-up, dirt and makeup from your face. This ensures that your pores are clean and skin is fresh. It can now easily absorb the products that you apply. In place of a cleansing face wash, you can also use cleansing oil, which is more effective at removing makeup.

Toner: Many people tend to overlook the benefits of a toner. Toner actually helps remove the residue of face wash, as well as minerals, chlorine and salts found in tap water. It will also help your skin absorb the ingredients from your serums better.

Spot treatment: Applying spot treatments and prescription medications over other products will reduce their effectiveness due to the other products acting as barriers. Hence apply them on clean skin. Then wait for about five minutes so that they have time to act before the next layer of product hits your skin.

Serums: Serums are dense treatments that also need to be applied as close to the skin as possible so that they can be absorbed easily. If you have multiple serums, apply the thinnest one first, and wait for a few minutes between layers.

Eye cream: Using eye cream helps keep the skin on the eyelid elastic and supple. It will also help prevent collagen loss and fine lines when used regularly. You can also use under-eye cream for dark circles. Make sure to apply your eye-cream before makeup.

Moisturizer: Next comes the moisturizer. This plays a very significant role in keeping your skin supple, soft and hydrated. Use a moisturizer that is designed for your skin type, and use a different one each for day and night application.

Layering skincare products

Sunscreen: This is the last product in your skincare routine. If it is applied first, it will prevent other products from being penetrated into your skin, so let it sit on top of all the other layers. Use a lightweight sunscreen that can be layered over other products with ease.

If you have a wide range of skin products to apply, always use the thinnest first so that they can be absorbed well into your skin before you use the denser layers. Remember, applying too many products can be overwhelming for your skin. Active ingredients in each may conflict or react with each other, leading to dilution of the products, or in a worst-case scenario, even skin inflammation.

As a rule of thumb, try and use three products at the most, at one time. You can try using multi-functional products, such as a moisturizer that offers sun protection as well. If you want to learn skin care and Cosmetology in detail, or if you’re looking for a Professional Beauty Course in the science of cosmetics, then do visit Orane to find the right course for you.

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