Hope to see Dream budget!

Date: April 6, 2020

Never has a Union Budget in recent times been looked forward to with so much excitement as the one that is to be presented this year. For a country keen to put behind it the not so happy tidings on the economic front lately following several agencies projecting a likely slowing of growth, the soon-to-be announced Budget may act as the soothing balm that all of us so badly need.

Given below are my own broad expectations from the Finance Minister in the latest Budget.

Bring back the feel-good factor in the economy through announcing a progressive, growth-oriented Budget that benefits all sections of the population, including the economically and socially marginalised, and those living in remote and difficult geographies.

Put more money in the hands of people through income tax breaks.

Focus on reviving the informal sector that has taken a hit following demonetisation.

Announce measures to modernise agriculture for improving yields.

Accord thrust on skill development to equip young people to find the jobs of their choice or become gainfully self-employed, and

Outline steps to increase the attractiveness of women-friendly service sector areas such as beauty and wellness, hospitality, tourism, IT, etc. to encourage more women to seek jobs or self-employment/entrepreneurship opportunities in these domains and thereby provide a boost to the cause of women.

Unleash the ‘animal spirits’ of business and industry through unveiling measures that will help them grow, create large number of jobs, and be in a position to contribute to the Government’s agenda of promoting social inclusion.

Ever since the present Government assumed power at the Centre, it has been guided by one golden principle: Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas (Together with all, Development for all). The newest Budget provides the Finance Minister an excellent platform to build on this theme. Hopefully, a Dream Budget is on the way.

Written By,

Mr. Dinesh Sood

CEO, Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

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