How Beauty Education Industry is Filling the Unemployment Gap

Date: April 6, 2020

Filling the Unemployment Gap

With more than half of the population under 25 years and a high school dropout rate in India, unemployment is a big challenge faced by the youth and the government. Vocational education has proved to be a blessing for many who don’t have enough academic qualifications but can improve their employability and economic condition by acquiring skills in a particular trade or craft.

The beauty industry has been a significant contributor in this area as it is always looking for young talents. The increasing levels of spending on beauty and wellness products and services, emerging unisex beauty salons, and growing awareness among customers across the country have given a big boost to the beauty business. This has further helped in opening up various employment prospects for the youth, not only in metropolitans but in tier II and III cities as well, as there is a higher than ever demand for skilled and certified beauticians.

According to a study prepared by KPMG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. for the National Skill Development Corporation, the workforce requirement in the beauty and salon segment is expected to grow to 121 lakhs by 2022. Not just private beauty institutes, but many nonprofit organizations and even the Government of India offer vocational courses in the beauty and wellness arena. The short-term training programs available under the Skill Development Initiative scheme by the Government of India are designed to benefit early school leavers and existing workers, and hence develop a skilled workforce for the beauty industry. A nationally as well as internationally recognized National Council for Vocational Training certificate is issued to every successful individual, thus, ensuring equal opportunity for employment and livelihood.

Short term beauty courses and certification courses can make you job-ready in a matter of a few weeks or months. At Orane, it is our mission to train 2 lakh youngsters and women in the year 2020. As we embark on our journey to accomplish our 2020 goal, we encourage you to make a decision and join the thriving beauty industry by upscaling yourself, by acquiring skills that will help you throughout your life, wherever you will go. Let’s make 2020 a year of sustainable employment and financial freedom.

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