How Beauty Training is the Ideal Low-investment Franchise Business in India

Date: August 14, 2023

Do you have a desire to start a low-investment franchise business in India? If so, beauty training franchises could be your perfect business opportunity. The beauty industry is booming in India, and there is a growing demand for qualified beauty professionals. 

With a low investment and a proven business model, a beauty training franchise can be a great way to get started in this exciting industry.

The beauty and wellness industry has witnessed remarkable growth in India over the years. According to a report, it is about to reach $30 billion by 2030 from its current size of about $15 billion. 

As more individuals seek professional grooming and self-care, the demand for skilled beauty professionals is on the rise. Beauty skill training franchises have emerged as an exciting opportunity for a low-investment franchise business in India. And players like Orane International, which has more than 120 franchises in India, are helping several individuals flourish. 

This comprehensive guide delves deep into the world of beauty training franchises, exploring the benefits, strategies, and potential.

Top Reasons Why Owning a Franchise in the Beauty Skill Industry is the Right Option

1. Demand for Beauty Services is Growing Rapidly

 The beauty industry is experiencing unprecedented demand as individuals prioritize self-care and grooming. The desire for beauty services, ranging from makeup artistry to skincare treatments, is consistently on the rise. By owning a beauty training franchise, you tap into a flourishing market, offering diverse services catering to modern consumers.

2. Skill Training: A Big Demand Factor in India

   In India, the pursuit of skill development has become a national priority. People are actively seeking avenues to enhance their professional capabilities. Moreover, there is a skilled manpower shortage in India because of the low education, training, and formal skills. 

As per Statista, In 2022, about 83 percent of the industries across India stated that they had talent shortages. Compared to the nationwide average of around 48 percent in 2012, this was a significant increase.

Beauty training, with its potential for immediate employability, has emerged as a key player in this skill-focused landscape. By owning a beauty training franchise, you can play a pivotal role in empowering individuals to pursue rewarding careers in the beauty industry.

3. A Beauty Training Franchise Comes with a Proven Business Model

One of the standout advantages of owning a beauty training franchise is the established and proven business model that comes with it. Established franchisors like Orane have fine-tuned their operations, branding, and marketing strategies, ensuring the success of their franchise partners.

 This built-in support system, coupled with the franchisor’s expertise, significantly reduces the risks associated with starting a new venture and enhances your chances of thriving in the competitive beauty skill industry.

Advantages of Beauty Training Franchises

1. Low Investment, High Returns

Embracing a beauty training franchise opens doors to a world of lucrative opportunities and is one of India’s best low-investment franchise businesses. This can be as low as INR 10 lakh with Orane. Unlike other business ventures, this low entry cost allows aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on a rewarding journey, leveraging the high potential for returns on investment. 

The Indian beauty and personal care market reached a value of $54,558 billion in 2020, and it is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11% between 2022 and 2027, as per a report from Expert Market Research.

 This financial accessibility empowers individuals with limited capital to shape their dreams and passions into successful enterprises within the vibrant beauty training domain.

2. Established Brand Presence

  When you enter the world of beauty training franchises, you have immediate access to a strong brand presence that commands attention. This inherent brand recognition serves as a powerful asset, effortlessly capturing the attention of potential clients. By aligning with a reputable franchise, you bypass the challenges of building a brand from scratch and gain a head start in the competitive landscape, ultimately enhancing customer trust and driving faster customer acquisition.

3. Training and Support

A distinctive advantage of beauty training franchises lies in the comprehensive training and support ecosystem provided by experienced franchisors. Franchisees are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and guidance required to maintain consistent quality and standards. This meticulous training ensures that you provide top-notch beauty education and cultivates a sense of confidence and professionalism among your staff. The continuous support system empowers you to navigate challenges effectively and keep pace with industry trends.

4. Marketing Assistance

The power of collective marketing amplifies when you become part of a beauty training franchise network. Franchisees benefit from strategic national or regional marketing campaigns orchestrated by the franchisor. This shared marketing effort alleviates the burden of individual promotional endeavors, allowing you to concentrate on delivering excellence in beauty training. By capitalizing on a cohesive marketing strategy, you harness the ability to attract a wider audience, foster brand loyalty, and maximize business growth.

5. Profitable Niche

 Beauty training franchises occupy a distinctive and lucrative niche within this landscape as a result of the beauty industry’s remarkable growth, which offers a wealth of opportunities. As the demand for skilled beauty professionals grows, your franchise becomes increasingly important to the industry’s growth. You ensure a steady stream of eager students and play a pivotal role in shaping their successful careers by imparting valuable skills to aspiring beauty enthusiasts. This symbiotic relationship ensures a steady flow of clients looking for quality training and services, resulting in long-term business sustainability. 

How to Select the Right Beauty Training Franchise

Choosing the perfect beauty training franchise demands a well-informed approach. Here are key factors to consider before embarking on this exciting journey:

  1. Conduct Thorough Research: Immerse yourself in thorough research, delving into the offerings, reputation, and success stories of various beauty training franchises. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your aspirations.
  2. Personal Passion and Interest: Reflect on your personal passions and interests within the beauty realm. Opt for a franchise that resonates with your enthusiasm, ensuring your commitment and dedication to nurturing the business.
  3. Assess Your Expertise: Gauge your expertise and experience in the beauty industry. Some franchises might necessitate higher levels of skill and training, while others offer opportunities for skill development.
  4. Financial Preparedness: Undertake a comprehensive financial evaluation, ensuring you possess the necessary resources to cover the initial investment and operational costs and sustain the business until it gains momentum.
  5. Be thoroughly informed of the requirements: You should thoroughly review the offer document and understand the requirements. Understand the terms and conditions and ask as many questions as possible before making a final call. 


The beauty training franchise opportunity represents a remarkable avenue for entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the world of beauty and wellness. With a low initial investment and the potential for high returns, this business model merges passion with practicality. Aspiring franchisees can sculpt a fulfilling and prosperous journey by joining hands with successful training brands like Orane International.

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