How Galvanic Facials Can Kick Away Acne?

Date: November 20, 2019

Galvanic Facials

Acne is perhaps one of the most common skin concerns that every one of us has suffered from at some point, or face regularly. The sudden outbreaks cannot only affect your skin’s appearance but also become a serious chronic condition that can disrupt your skin health. Hence they need to be treated on time and treated right. While most acne outbreaks are hormonal that come and go around the menstrual cycle, many remain perpetual, caused by diet, genetics, stress, and myriad other factors. Acne caused by hormones usually arise due to imbalance and excess release of androgen which overstimulate of oil glands, combined with dead cells in your skin pores.

How can you treat acne, the most common and persistent skin problem?

As per celebrity cosmetologists and skin experts, one of the biggest factors in the game, is hydration. Although there are many treatments to hydrate and heal acne-prone or regular skin, Galvanic Facials are said to do wonders for the skin.

Galvanic Facial is magical

You could consider galvanic facials to be a kind of non-surgical, non-invasive, facelift. It uses a device with low-intensity electric current, to pass electrically charged particles into the deeper layers of the skin. Galvanic Facials are good for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and if performed by a professionally-trained cosmetologist, comes without any side effects.

For acne-prone skin, galvanic facials work like a miracle, by removing the blockages of sebaceous glands and pore congestion that cause outbreaks. Typically, a galvanic facial lasts for an hour. The pre-treatment starts with applying a specialized gel with a negative charge to clean, dry skin. It is then removed with a damp cloth.

Then another gel with a positive charge is applied, before using the equipment. Scientifically, the procedure is called iontophoresis, which harnesses the positive and negative ions of the current and re-balances the skin content and redistributes the nutrients to the otherwise dead zones.

This helps to cleanse, hydrate, and stimulate the skin, improves circulation of fluids and leaves your skin looking radiant and refreshed. As an added benefit, galvanic facials also ease out wrinkles and fine lines, tone your skin muscles and improves blood circulation, and nourish the skin cells.

To conclude, we would suggest you to must try it once. If you want to start your Career in Cosmetology, then also you can visit any nearby beauty academy and get more information about these courses and treatments.

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