How Internship can help get high paying job in the Beauty Industry?

Date: July 10, 2019

Internship in the Beauty Industry

Internship as a beautician not only helps you put your foot on the other side of the door, but also ensures you get a high-paying job in the beauty and wellness industry.

As a cosmetologist, hair stylist or makeup intern, you are not expected to hit the ground running from day one. You have beauty professionals to guide you in real time as mentors. What’s more, while you are practically applying your knowledge as an Intern, you have your course trainers back at Orane Beauty Institute to clarify doubts, challenges you face day on day.

During your internship, you get to observe real-time situations, that prepare you better for handling them when you take the job full-time. Furthermore, it is the best time to test the waters, and see if you want to take the plunge for life.

As a beauty expert, there are a plethora of avenues where you can do internship, it can be in a TV or Film Studio, in a Fitness Center, Sports Club, Beauty Clinics, Leisure Centers and Resorts, Hotels, Spa Centers and so on. Lookout for Internship programs near you; also, it’s never erroneous to reach out to the beauty brand you admire and seek internship there.

Beauty professionals having inclination towards salon management can join the front desk and learn the art of managing a beauty parlor, coordinating between clients and salon staff, maintaining supplies, collecting payments and managing appointments and callbacks, etc.

Doing internship at a top profile beauty salon or organization also adds an extra star on your employability status. Imagine the edge you would have in an interview if you’ve already worked as an Intern under a reputed name, as compared to just a fresh trainee. Furthermore, the chances of you landing a job at the same place where you are interning are much higher than others, provided you showcase your skills well and learn wholeheartedly while assisting your seniors.

Internships beef up your resume and you are no more perceived as a fresher during an interview. During Salary Negotiations, you can expect to be paid more than the remuneration or stipend you were receiving during Internship. On the other hand, once you’ve interned, your self-confidence will speak for yourself during interviews and will help you raise better take-home salaries.

Last but not the least, recommendations add value to your certifications. If you’ve interned while pursuing a beauty course at Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, the power of your Internship + Certification multiplies when you get positive recommendations from your employer.

Earn while you Learn, Happy Internship!

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