How Men Can Thrive in The Beauty Industry?

Date: December 17, 2019

Styling, makeup, cosmetology, skincare, and esthetics see a lot of talented and passionate men joining this growing industry today. Whether you have a natural knack for hairstyles or know how to create unique looks with makeup, then a career in the beauty industry is what, as a man, you should strive for!

At Orane Beauty Institute, thousands of young men follow their passion for fashion, grooming, makeup, hair styling, and beauty to pursue a financially rewarding career. Here’s how you can too thrive in the beauty and fashion industry:

Find your passion

If you are passionate about the way you look at hairstyle, and makeup; and feel about skincare deep within, then know that it is your calling and pursue it with all your heart.

Get trained

To become a professional, you need the right knowledge and training. If you have a hidden talent, then a professional program can bring it out. And even if you are naturally skilled, then the training can polish those qualities and give you finesse. Join the nearest Orane Beauty Institute and enroll in a program that does justice to your passion and natural talent.

Choose the right career option

When you are starting out as a beauty professional, you will have multiple options to choose from, like cosmetology, hairstyling, makeup, esthetics, etc. Assess your interest and also the scope for growth in the area that you choose. Accordingly, opt for a beautician course, or training program like Diploma in Male Barbering.

Make the most of your learning curve.

To start, it is always better to associate yourself with a salon, clinic, spa, or an institution. That way you can learn on your job, meet more people, build your clientele, and also learn the tricks of the trade. You can also create your work portfolio simultaneously, and use social media to get yourself out there.

The word beauty always has had such feminine connotation that is has been difficult to imagine men being a part of that world. But we have evolved way beyond such thoughts and men occupy a major chunk of the beauty industry today. And so can you!

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