How to Become a Mehndi Artist in Just Few Weeks?

Date: November 1, 2019

Professional Mehndi Artist

Mehndi art is one of the most creative aspects of the beauty industry and being a professional mehndi artist can be rewarding and fulfilling. However, like any art form, mastering mehndi art also requires preparation, practice, and a fine sense of aesthetics. If the exquisite designs and fluidity of mehndi fascinate you, then you can become a pro and launch yourself as an independent mehndi artist.

While you don’t need to be a born artist to be able to draw mehndi, you do need to learn certain techniques. Only a professional training course can help you acquire the knowledge and skills. At Orane Beauty Institute, we honor the age-old cultural art of mehndi and offer a well-structured program for those eager to learn mehndi designing. The course helps explore various styles and motifs, using different types of mehndi. You will also learn about how to make your own paste, best ingredients, applications, and so on.
Practice, practice, and practice!

Being a great mehndi artist is all about practice and experience. Use the provided instruction manuals and course books on mehndi designs to refine your skills and practice on yourself, your friends, or on any surface to master the strokes, finishes, motifs, and color. You can follow the standard mehndi design process and keep experimenting with your individual styles.

Learn to draw basic Indian or Arabic motifs – Try on paper first and then on the skin. Explore both traditional and contemporary designs.

Experiment with fillers – Use your creativity here or start by following design manuals. Fillers add intricacy as well as volume to your mehndi designs.

Couple different motifs together to form the final design – You can also give it a theme, like geometric patterns, heavenly bodies, peacocks, or even human faces.

Experts advise mehndi artists to create their own pastes, instead of buying off the shelves. Thus, you can create your own consistency and ensure they are safe to use. Ready-to-use mehndi pastes might contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions on the skin, plus they could be splotchy. Hence, you should always know your product well before you apply it to your clients or yourself. Learn about basic ingredients, how to mix, and how to enhance the color output.

Painting with mehndi is fun, exciting, and offers endless opportunities to explore your artistic skills and showcase your talent. Keep practicing and evolve your style as you go!

With the Indian festive season just round the corner, young girls and women of all ages will be all in for getting their hands designed with henna. This is the right time for you to learn and hone your mehndi skills. Join Orane Beauty Institute’s mehndi designing course and become a professional mehndi artist in just a few weeks.

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