How to Choose Correct Makeup Brushes for Flawless Makeup

Date: April 6, 2020

Don’t know what qualities to look for in a foundation brush? Well, you’re not the only one. Even professionals many a times do not have a great understanding of how to choose a brush to apply foundation or any other make-up product.

If you feel the foundation that you apply is uneven and it looks caky, don’t give up thinking you can’t do it. Probably you aren’t using the right foundation brush. Different foundation brushes have different effects on your face. You just have to pick the one that’ll give you the finish you desire. It’s simple once you get the hang of it. Here’s how to choose the right brush:

Let us first understand the difference between natural and synthetic brush bristles before we get into brush types. It’s always good to check out both types of brushes before determining which one you really like and which one works better for you.

Synthetic brushes have bristles that are made from manmade materials such as nylon or polyester. These are not expensive but are usually not very soft like natural ones. These are easy to wash without worrying about the bristles falling out.

Synthetic brushes are really good for any liquid or cream foundation. Better yet, they won’t make a mess by absorbing too much of the foundation. And the best part – most synthetic brushes are made cruelty-free.

On the other hand, natural brushes usually have bristles that are made with fur mostly of squirrels, goats, and boars. Their softness is unmatchable but you cannot control some of the bristles to fall out at times. You’ll also find that they’re not as easy to clean as the synthetic ones are because they retain a lot of cream/foundation/product in their bristles.

Natural brushes are best used with powder foundation or other products in powder form. They aren’t too good for liquid applications because the hair that these are made of, are absorbent, and will retain liquid product, making it harder to spread evenly.

Get glowing sheen with a Sponge Applicator
Ever wondered how some women are able to maintain such a flawless dewy look. The secret is that they use a sponge applicator, not any foundation brush.

With sponge applicators you can apply your foundation in light and even coats. Sponge applicators are not used like brushes, rather you will need to pat it onto your face.

It will give an even better result if you put your essential oils or moisturizers on before applying the foundation. This will ensure a perfect amount of shine on your face.

You can also slightly moisten the sponge. This will help your foundation to easily blend into your primer and moisturizer. It’s also easy and helpful in removing the makeup product.

Nevertheless, you will have to take good care of hygiene with a sponge applicator and you will have to wash your sponge after each use.

Complete coverage with Flat Brush
For a full-face coverage always use a flat liquid foundation brush applicator. Flat foundation brushes are just like the ones you would have used for colouring in your childhood drawings. They are perfect for the liquid foundation lover. Simply dip your cosmetic brush in some of your foundation and let it glide onto your face. It doesn’t mean that they’re meant only for liquid foundation. They can also be used with foundation sticks, blush and even for delineation.

When you use your flat brush, apply it first in the places that need extra coverage. Brush down from there and you’ll quickly notice how smoothly your foundation goes on. You might notice your brush leaving streaks as you put on your foundation. This is because your brush has very condensed bristles. Don’t worry, you can blend out any harsh lines with a sponge blender.

Kabuki Brush for multitasking
There are many types of brushes that have different purposes. Maybe you need to have one makeup brush for foundation, one for concealer, blush and so on. But, if you get a kabuki brush, that one brush is enough. They can be used for almost all your skin care requirements.

Kabuki brushes are good whether you want light or complete coverage from your foundation or you need a more natural look. They usually have a very short handle with a thick group of bristles that fan out at the end. That’s what makes it so perfect to use for blush, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, contouring, and foundation. You can choose to brush your makeup on in circular strokes, or you can dab it onto your face.

Want a Matte Finish? Try an Oval Brush
One of the latest trends in applying makeup is the oval brush. It may look unconventional, but it does its job well. They have a long handle with a one-sided set of fine bristles that are in the shape of an oval. The handle makes it a lot easier to apply your foundation.

Oval brushes are great for powder foundation application. You can not only use oval brushes to spread powder evenly across your face, but also use it for blending. It’s really hard to get a matte look but with an oval brush it isn’t too big a task.

Hopefully, these details about different brush applicators and their features would make you confidentially choose the right one for you and also you won’t get confused by the variety of brushes available to choose from.

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